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Thread: Chlorine Issues - Please Help

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    Chlorine Issues - Please Help

    Hey there, new to the Forum but looking for advice.

    Here are the basics: 20'x40' in-ground approx 42,000 gallons, Gunite pool approx 20 years old and is in great shape. Sand filter, in-line chlorination, 1hp Super-Flo Pump. Mesh tension fabric cover used in winter with proper pool closing and opening.

    Here is the problem: I opened the pool about 3 weeks ago, and with the mesh cover it was very green. I put in the recommended amounts of the following: Metal Out, Phos Free, Algecide, and roughly 14 lbs of shock. After just less than a week of brushing the walls, vacuuming, dumping about 10 lbs of more shock, backwashing, etc. the pool became clear and in great shape. In addition to the in-line Chlorinator, I also have 2 floaties, one tied to the ladder near the return line and one floating around. Every other day I ensure these have 3" Chlorine tabs in them and always have at lest 5 in each of the floaties, and 7-9 in the in-line chlorinator.

    During the past two weeks I have had the water tested multiple times, here are the results:
    5-20-11 - Tested at Viscount Pools (all measured in PPM)
    Free Chlorine = 2.1
    Total Chlorine 3.6
    Combined Chlorine 1.6
    PH 7.3
    Hardness 180
    Alkalinity = 87
    Cyanuric Acid = 10
    Copper = 0
    Iron = 0
    Total Dissolved Solids = NA
    ----Recommend solution, 10 pounds oxidizing shock, 4 lbs of stabilizer, 8 gallons of Sanitizer - DONE

    Between 5-20 and 5-28 - daily checks using test strips showed PH low and Chlorine at zero, Crystal clear pool with no visible issues

    5-28-11 - Tested at Leslies Pool (all measured in PPM)
    Free Chlorine = 2
    Total Chlorine = 0
    Combined Chlorine = NA
    PH 7.0
    Hardness 180
    Alkalinity = 80
    Cyanuric Acid = 40
    Calcium = 210
    Copper = 0
    Iron = 0
    Total Dissolved Solids = 100
    Phosphates = 250
    ----Recommend solution, 2 lbs of Soda for PH and Phos Free/Pool Magic for Phosphates, 10 bags of Power Powder Plus for Chlorine - DONE
    ----They advised water is safe after treatment and we used on Memorial day without any issues

    Between 5-28 and 6-2-11- daily checks using test strips showed PH low and Chlorine at zero Crystal clear pool with no visible issues

    6-2-11 - Tested at Leslies Pool (all measured in PPM)
    Free Chlorine = 0
    Total Chlorine = 0
    Combined Chlorine = NA
    PH 7.0
    Hardness 180
    Alkalinity = 90
    Cyanuric Acid = 25
    Calcium = 220
    Copper = 0
    Iron = 0
    Total Dissolved Solids = 600
    Phosphates = .1
    Nitrates = 0
    ----Recommend solution, 3 lbs of Soda for PH, bags of Chlor Brite Shock - DONE

    Bottom line is I can't get the Chlorine to work at all, I tested all the lines and ensured that I have flow in the Chlorinator, pressure in the pump is nearly 12 PSI, all systems are working great but I can't seem to get the PH balanced nor any readings on the CHlorine.

    In the past 3 weeks, I have spent over $600 in opening and maintain supplies and dumped nearly 40 lbs of shock in the pool. I am using Doheny's tabs, and a mix of Leslies, Visount and Doheny's shock

    Any idea's, as the people where I live have no clue what to do anymore, and I am sick and tired of adding shock for no gain and hitting my head against the wall.
    Jon W.

    20'x40' Inground, 42,000 gallons, gun-nite, 1hp Haywood Pump, sand filter, in-line chlorineator

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    Re: Chlorine Issues - Please Help

    Welcome to TFP!

    The reason why you are having such issues is because in order to get the pool under control you have to test often and adjust little. If you test little and adjust a lot the pool will get away from you. The first thing you need to do to get your pool under control is buy a reliable test kit. Stop taking your pool water to the pool store. The TF100 or Taylor K-2006 are the two test kits recommended on this website. The next thing you need to do is read Pool School. This will give you all the information you need to know in order to get your pool under control.

    Once you learn how to take care of your pool it will become "Trouble Free". I only spend about 5 min every other day on mine and spend very little on chemicals.

    Good Luck!
    Pool: 28,000 gallons IG; IC 40 SWG; Pentair 120 gpm cartridge filter; Marble finish; Pentair Wisperflow 1.5 hp; Polaris 360
    Spa: 350 gallon; Bromine
    How to shock your pool

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    Re: Chlorine Issues - Please Help

    Get a test kit and do your own testing.

    From your description you have an algae bloom in progress and you're constantly adding to the CYA which makes shocking the pool harder and harder.

    Keep in mind that regardless to what the Pool stores tell and sell you, shock is a process and not a product.

    Take some time after ordering the TF-100 (link in my sig) to read Pool School.
    Dave J. TFP Moderator
    24' x 52" Round AGP. 2hp/¼hp SPL Power-Flo 2-speed pump. 200sqft Waterway Cartridge Filter. 45MHP2(3GPD) Stenner Peristaltic Pump
    Pool School ----- Pool Math ----- TF-Test Kit

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