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View Poll Results: What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again (Make & Model) ?

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  • Auto Pilot/Pool Pilot

    16 20.25%
  • Hayward/Goldline

    24 30.38%
  • CompuPool

    3 3.80%
  • Pentair InteliChlor

    12 15.19%
  • Jandy

    3 3.80%
  • Intex

    12 15.19%
  • Polaris

    1 1.27%
  • Zodiac

    3 3.80%
  • Other

    5 6.33%
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Thread: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

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    Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    Hi Folks - I know there has been a fair amount of discussion on recommendations for types of SWCG, but I thought a simple poll would provide a good snapshot on the issue and hopefully garner a higher rate of participation. Please take the time to provide your input and be specific with make and model. If you would not buy that unit again, a reason would be very helpful. Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

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    Apr 2009

    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    Intex 56601 ...Yes I would buy again, not for the features, but price...$139
    24'x52" AGP (13,500 Gallons), Intex SWG, (2)Solar Bear 4x20 panels, Hayward S220T Filter, 1/2hp Pentair Superflo

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    Mar 2011

    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    Goldline for me! I think I would but I have not done any research on the new SWG's. I had lots of problems with my system that I had to work out myself!
    40'x19' IG Diamond Brite 29K 4' Waterfall/Dive Rock FNS60 DE Inteliflo VS 2hp Whisperflo pumps Aqualogic(P4) SWG TF100 Tester

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    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    I have an IC40 going on its 5th season with no problems.
    20x40 IG Vinyl, 1.5 HP Whisperflo, Sta-Rite System 3 (300) Sq. ft Cart
    Intellichlor IC40 SWCG, 125,000 BTU Pentair heatpump, Polaris 280
    7' IG FG Spa, 2 HP Whisperflo, Pentair Dynamic III Cart (100) Sq. ft

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    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    My Aqua Rite/Goldline/Hayward is in year two - no problems YET. fingers crossed. I love it.
    18x33x52 Buttressfree Seaspray (Wilbar) AGP - 1.5hp Pentair Maxim w/22" Pentair Meteor Sand Filter, Aqua Rite SWG System, Biltmore Walk In Steps - 2/4x20 Solar Panel Setup - Doheny Jet Drive (RIP -Pool Rover Jr) - finally hard plumbed the whole darned thing -
    Beats Driving to the Lake!

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    The Triangle, NC

    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    We have an AutoPilot Pool Pilot Digital 220 SC-48. We had one for a year, and it was damaged during the refurb. Our second one is only a year old, but we ran it all winter.

    I find it easy to take apart to clean the screen and check it for problems (none so far).

    23,600 gallon, refurbished 1960's inground concrete, Jandy sand filter w Jandy 2 hp variable speed pump, Pool Pilot Digital SWCG+Chemtrol 2100+CO2 tank; PebbleTec White Pearl with 10% Cobalt Blue Dark Beadcrete by Olympic Pool Plastering, Georgia. Taylor K-2006 Test Kit; Aqua Check Salt test; LaMotte borates test, and Jack's Magic Sequest test kit; SparklyPoolitis level: extremely high.

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    Flower Mound, TX

    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    I have an Intellichlor IC40 and am in my 3rd season with it. I am not dis-satisfied enough to say that I wouldn't buy it again, but I would not say I am super-impressed. I have had the "flow-meter" go bad and had to replace ($40 part). No biggie, stuff doesn't last forever. One of the LED lights actually burned out (or more correctly stopped working). And now, 4th year in, I am having to replace the IECG cell. For the task of converting salt into usable chlorine, it seems to function as advertised, so I cannot complain too much.

    My list of gripes:
    (1) Number 1 is that I cannot "unplug" it to remove it for periodic cleaning. If I ever get around to it, I am going to cut the power cord and install a weather-proof plug socket so I can remove the device for cleaning away from the equipment. Seems like the manufacturer's design should already allow for this.

    (2) Cold water shutdown. Because of science, the IC40 stops producing chlorine below a certain temperature (52F maybe?). I believe all SWG's are subject to this constraint. No big deal, except that the IC40 doesn't tell you that it isn't producing chlorine. So during the change in the seasons, I have to watch it closely or just shut it down early.

    (3) Minimum flow. It requires a minimum flow of like 25 GPM or something like that to produce chlorine. Again, I think this has to do with the science of SWGs. My pump only measures RPMs and I haven't actually done a test to measure the flow, but it seems like I have to have the pump cranked up quite high for it to actually register a flow. I sure would like to have an SWG that I can leave running at a lower setting and let the pump run longer during the day at a lower speed. As it stands, I have to crank my variable speed pump up pretty high and run the IC40 at 100% output for a few hours per day.

    (4) LED lights a little bit cryptic. I always need to refer to the manual when stuff starts blinking different colors, and some patterns are not listed in the manual; ugh. If I ever get spare time, I'll laminate that page from the manual and post it inside my pool electronics cabinet.

    Agian, the device has been pretty reliable and it does what it is supposed to do: make chlorine from salt.
    17,000 PebbleTec pool, Intellichlor SWG,
    4 spd pump, cartridge filter,
    8' attached hot tub w/ waterfall

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    Re: Poll - What SWCG Do You Have & Would You Buy it Again ?

    I have an Auto Pilot DIG-220 with the SC-36 Cell. Worked great for 2 years. In the third year I started getting crazy temp readings. At the time the warranty was 2yrs and 3rd year 50% parts only. The only way to make the claim is to have local rep come out and check it. They won't let me bring it in. By the time they charge me a $70 service charge and half of list price I could have saved money just buying the Tri-Sensor myself. The warranty now is just a 2yr warranty.

    Between 3-4 years the Power Supply went out. I replaced that whole unit with a new one from The Salt Pool Guys recommended here. They gave me a good price so I did that instead of picking a new brand and having to add another timer since the Autopilot will run the pump.

    I am going to change the salt cell soon as it is on borrowed time. Most people tell me the SC-36 is only a 3yr cell and I have over 4yrs on it now.
    10,800 gallons Gunite/Plaster
    Hayward 244t 24" Sand Filter with Zeo
    1 1/2 HP Challenger
    Digital Pool Pilot DIG-220 SC-48
    Located in NOLA

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