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Thread: Green pool - please help

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    Green pool - please help

    Hi. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, if not I am sorry. I am having a problem with my pool. I bought one from Walmart. It is the 15' x 48" pool. Before I added any chemicals to my pool I added Poolife Pool Maintenance to it and let it run for 24 with the pump going. I then adjusted the ph and alkilinity. Then I shocked it and added chlorine tabs. I shocked it last night because I wasn't getting a chlorine reading (about 3 days after the 1st shock). Now this morning it turned green. I know it isn't algae. I have well water and was told that mixing too much chlorine with my type of water could turn the water green. I know I added too much shock. The pool maintenance store is a 2 hour trip away. The only store I have that sells pool items around me is Walmart. Is there anything I can get there that would get rid of the green color to my pool? Thanks.

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    Re: Green pool - please help

    Welcome to TFP.

    How do you know it's not algae?
    What metals are in your well water and how much?

    The fact that you can't hold FC after adding chlorine and with tablets in there leads me to believe that it IS algae.

    We need some test results and how you got them. We will be glad to help you but we don't like throwing stuff at it hoping it helps.
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    Re: Green pool - please help

    I had this problem last year. The water looked the same as it does right now. I thought it was algae and added shock a few times and it never cleared up. I was told by the pool store to add the poolife pool plus maintenance to it. That cleared the water right up. I gave them a sample of my water and I have iron in my water. I am not sure how much.
    So far it hasn't been very hot here. I have also had the pump going non-stop after setting it up. I set it up Memorial weekend. Another reason I don't believe it is algae is because the water is clear, just has a bright green tint to it. There is no sliminess to the water. The pool store that I went to last year is a couple hours away and I was hoping I could just find something similar at Walmart without having to make a long drive. Is it possible to help with this info? Thanks.

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    Re: Green pool - please help

    Going on what little you have told us and totally without any test results, it sounds like the Poollife product is a sequestering agent. If in fact it is precipitated metals in the water, Walmart does carry a line of sequestering agent called Aqua Chem metal. Personally I want to know your pool test results before I for sure told you to put this stuff in your pool.
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