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Thread: Motor Whining

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    Motor Whining

    I have a 5 year old 1HP Hayward Super-pump which started whining when I put it back on and started it up this season (it's used for a waterfall not filtering the main pool).

    I removed the impeller and changed the seal, but no change in the noise. I'm guessing the bearings are shot. Is it worth getting the bearings replaced or should I buy a new one? Apart from the whine, the motor appears in pretty good shape.

    Can the motor be repaired locally or does it get returned to Hayward? Any idea how much it might cost?

    Many thanks...

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    Re: Motor Whining

    Ok.. where to start.. A loud whining is a sign that the bearing are going out. Usually the Motor, Which on a super pump is a J Frame, which means the bolts screw in from the shaft side, will run around $200 or so depending on where you get it from. The type of motor you need would be silimar to a AO Smith / Magnatek B128. The pump seal is basically new and could reuse it. you'de have to check with a repair shot to see how much they would charge to repair the motor bearing. The bearings are not overly expensive, so the labor would be your largest expense. You may see pumps that say "Up Rated" This means the pump has a higher Service Factor giving an overall higher HP. For example a 1HP pump with a 1.3 service factor will run at 1.3HP, and a 1HP with a 1.6 SF = 1.6HP. HP x SH = True HP. but NEVER under power the motor. Don't put a 3/4 HP motor on a 1HP rated pump. Any 1HP motor will do.

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    Re: Motor Whining

    Check the Yellow Pages or Google for a pump repair place.

    I've had a Hayward Super Pump for 15 years. The pump is pretty easy for a novice (like me) to repair - seals, impeller, filter basket. The motor - not so much. The good part is that the motor is only attached to the pump housing by 4 bolts. Loosen those bolts, remove the motor, and take it to a reputable pump place.

    I've used Virginia Pump here in Northern VA and they've taken care of me over the years. They repaired the motor when it was economically feasible and replaced the motor when it was not economically feasible to repair it.

    Where I live, a pool service company would come out, remove the pump motor, take it to VA Pump, bring it back, and charge me for service calls, tack on a percentage to the VA Pump charge, etc. Would end up costing me lots more that when I remove & reinstall it myself.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Motor Whining

    AO Smith ST1102 is what you want if you're going to replace the motor.

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    Re: Motor Whining

    I was having other issues with my SuperPump. I bought one on that's running great. I was looking into ordering just the motor from Amazon before I found that one. You can find info on changing bearings via google. Youtube has some decent videos and this site was good: ... /#comments. A local motor repair place was going to charge $115 to change bearings etc but that's not what mine needed; I'd have to drop it off for about a week. However, it does sound like that's what yours needs. Good luck!

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    Re: Motor Whining

    If you're fairly handy (or you know someone that is), the bearings aren't too hard to replace. It's most likely the wet end bearing.
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