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Thread: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

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    Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    My Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has a pulsating flow...please help?? The water is coming out of nozzle okay, but the hose from the skimmer to the pump is pulsing and the filter basket shows pulsing water. We have closed and re-opened everything, but no luck. Any advice/help is appreciated!!

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    Re: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    Welcome to TFP!

    That often happens when a lot of air is getting into the pump. As the pump fills with air it loses prime for a moment and slows down, then it gets prime again and works for a moment before losing prime again.

    Check that the water level is high enough in the skimmer that you don't have a vortex forming that might pull in air. Also make sure that the pumps strainer basket lid is properly secured and the sealing gasket is in good shape. Also check any hose connections to see if anything is loose.
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    Re: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    Look in the skimmer. If the water level is too low, you could be creating a whirlpool, like the last bit of draining a bathtub, where air can get sucked in. Or, the flapper -"weir" is the proper term - could be binding. This will cause the same effect in the skimmer, until the pressure from the pool forces it open, and it floods, and the problem is solved for a minute.

    Also, is there an air bleed on the filter? If so, crack it until water shoots out then close it up. Could be air trapped which can cause essentially water hammer like you sometimes get in the house plumbing.

    And Jason types faster than me.

    Rereading it, it could also be a soft hose collapsing. You might need to put a section of pipe in there or replace it with a stiffer hose.
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    Re: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    Thank you!! There isn't a vortex forming and we did perform the airbleed on top of the filiter. We will double check the gasket's seals and all hose connections again.

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    Re: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    Something else to check. Do you see any air bubbles in the pump lid? If you were leaking on the pessure side, you would see water spraying, so that's a good sign. If the above replies has been helpful than great! I am glad to see so much knowledge on this site. A little trick to check for suction leaks by the pump is to turn it on, when the pump fully (or close) primes, kick the pump off and look for any water dripping out around the lid or pump intake. If it were the skimmer connection, you'd probably see water dripping when off. One more thing to check, if you had lots of debris, is if your pump has a broken backet or for some reason was not put back in, the pump has an impeller, which could cause cavitation. But usually this will not let the pump prime fully. Just wanted to throw my 2ยข in.

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    Re: Hayward Cartridge Filter Pump has pulsating flow??

    Thank you all for the great advice!! We changed all the hoses out and it is now working perfectly. This is a great site with amazing knowledge!! I will def be using in future!!

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