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Thread: How to shock a salt water pool

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    How to shock a salt water pool

    Ok quick question. I have an 18,000 gal inground pool. I have a t-15 Hayward cell and I keep my chlorine generator at 10%. That keeps me at 3.5pm with chlorine. My friend suggested that I turn the generator to 15% for a few hours after a heavy swim load to shock it. If I let the generator percentage stay at 15% it will bring my chlorine up to 5ppm.

    I was also told not to super chlorinate as it will lower the life expectancy of my generator. Does this seem right by increasing the percentage to shock??

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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    You can raise the percentage sure and you got sound advice about not superchlorinating with the cell. For a quick boost, you can also just add some bleach and leave the SWG alone. A saltwater pool is a chlorine pool and hence, when needed to shock, you should do it with liquid chlorine. But what you describe is just a boost of FC perhaps before a pool party? Not really what we call shocking.
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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    Ok so why shock a pool then? And how do you do the bleach way that sounds alot cheaper

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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    With Stabilizer level (CYA) of 60, I try to maintain the chlorine at 4.
    At CYA= 70, then Chlorine at 5 is fine.
    With normal family usage, as long as the chlorine stays above 3 ppm then there would not be a reason to adjust the output %.

    Increasing output % in advance of a heavy bather load and after a heavy bather load is not "shocking" just smart chlorine management.
    Before a pool party, increase the output to 15% for a few hours and leave it there for a few hours after the party.
    A few active people in a pool can use up 1 to 2 ppm of chlorine.
    If there are a lot of active people in the pool and the chlorine level drops to 1 or 2 after the party, then leave the Aquarite at the higher setting over night to recover from the lower chlorine level and reset it to 10% the following morning.


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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    Quote Originally Posted by bosco0633
    Ok so why shock a pool then? And how do you do the bleach way that sounds alot cheaper
    To answer your question, we only advocate "shocking" the pool when there is an algae outbreak, fecal contamination, or in specific cases where someone has deposited something in the pool that shouldn't be there, such as motor oil, topsoil, cooking oil, ect.

    We advocate using bleach or liquid chlorine when there is a need to complete the shock process on the pool. Using The Pool Calculator plug iin a set of current test results and use enough bleach to raise the FC to shock level for your pool. Keep the FC at shock level as much as possible until you pass
    the overnight test.

    When you need to boost the FC for a party, you can use the SWG as has been posted above, or you can use bleach and the pool calculator to figure out how high to boost the FC.
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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    My SWG is quite a bit oversized for my pool. I run it at about 5% for 14 hours a day to keep my levels o.k. In a few hours at 100% my levels climb significantly. If I can get to a chlorine level of 30 overnight, or sooner, would it be alright to use the generator vs adding bleach?
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    Re: How to shock a salt water pool

    Sure we recommend liquid because most cells can't produce it fast enough, and it shortens the life of the cell. In your situation it doesn't really seem it would be an issue.
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