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Thread: New pressure gauge

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    New pressure gauge

    Embarrassing but true: we have lived in our house (which came with the pool) for 4 years now and the pressure gauge has never worked. I'd like to replace it, but even if I do, I have no idea what kind of reading I should be looking for for a properly running inground pool. We're getting ready to open for the season... Any advice would be welcome!

    PS--Here's how "pool dumb" I am: I don't even know if I'm posting to the right area
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    Re: New pressure gauge

    I imagine most pools run between arond 12 and 20psi. They all vary, and the best use of the gauge is to show changes that indicate what's going on with the pool. Replace it. They are cheap, easy to change, and can save your sanity when diagnosing problems.
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    Re: New pressure gauge

    The presssure on most pools usually run about 8 to 20 psi. There are a few reported to run as high as 30 psi. It's impossible to guess what your pressure might be without knowing all the specifics of your system. If you get a 0 - 60 psi gauge it'll cover you.
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    Re: New pressure gauge

    Yes. As mentioned above, the pressure will vary. The only real way to know for sure on your current system is once you replace the pressure gauge with a little teflon tape or liquid teflon (be careful not to over tighten since this could crack the threads if it is plastic) do a complete filter cleaning. DE and Cartridge filters, I recommend doing a full cleaning. It is not absolutely necessary, you can just do a backwash and rinse cycle a few times. When you do turn the system back on, you will get a pretty accurate idea as to your system's normal operating pressure. Good rule of thumb is to backwash when the system rises 10psi.

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    Re: New pressure gauge

    5 dollars at Ace Hardware. New Teflon tape and good to go.
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