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Thread: Simpl Chlor - a company that actually values it's customers

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    Simpl Chlor - a company that actually values it's customers

    First - the background and how I came about owning a Simpl Chlor
    I have a 24' above ground pool. 3 years ago I thought I would try a salt water generator and bought a Chlorease. It was pretty simple to set up as it just hangs in the pool and I loved having it as I never had to add another chemical in my pool that entire year. My pool cleaner kept the bottom clean and the Chlorease had the water looking great(my pool gets very light use). That was year one.
    Year 2 rolled around and about 2 weeks after getting the pool up and running, the transformer literally melted from over heating. As it was right at the beginning of the year I had had my water tested and the salt level and everything was just about perfect. The Chlorease was still under a year old as I bought it the previous July and it was about the end of May when the transformer melted.
    So I contacted Chlorease. Of course the first thing they told me was it was my fault and the cell must have been all crusty. It was not. I liked never having to add chlorine to my pool so I checked the cell faithfully and had cleaned it per the instructions when I closed the pool the following year, so it was sitting in my garage all winter with zero "crust" on it.
    I am kind of old school when it comes to service and I really did not care for basically being called a liar and their whole attitude was it had to be my fault. I could see where this was headed, I would mail it to them, they would still say it was my fault and then tell me I had to buy a new transformer which cost almost as much as an entire new unit.
    Figuring I had learned my lesson, I said heck with it, took it out of my pool and tossed it in my garage, going back to using chlorine.
    Man I missed not having to mess with the pool every day. My pool gets very light use, but using chlorine I found myself out there everyday making sure the chlorine level was correct.
    Finally I am getting to the Simpl Chlor - pretty verbose aren't I. Just figured some background on where I am coming from would help you understand this better.
    This year I decided to go back to a salt water generator.I loved it when it worked. But I was of course leery due to my experience with Chlorease. I did not want to spend a whole lot of money on one as I figured the service would be as bad as Chlorease so I started checking around and found this swg called Simpl Chlor. It hooks up to the water return and only generates chlorine when the pump is running. I googled the heck out of it but really did not come up with much information. I normally like to read a lot of other people's experiences with an item before I buy it, but the price was right and it was not a Chlorease. So I bought the size for a 20,000 gallon pool as the price was not that much different.
    I honestly tried to keep it inexpensive because while I was hoping it would last, I was figuring there was a good chance it was going to be a throw away item after my last experience.
    Man was I wrong.
    Now is the time to insure you that I am in no way, shape or form affiliated with Simpl Chlor, have never met anyone from there and never even heard of them until I started searching for a swg for my pool.
    The simpl chlor was again really simple to hook up. I just went to Lowes and bought a plug that was the right thread size and screwed it in where the ball usually goes on the inside of the pool. This way the water in the pool would not come rushing out while I hooked it up. The directions say to stuff a rag in the hole, but I strongly suggest spending $1 or so and buying the plug in the plumbing department at your local hardware/lumber store.
    I had the water stopped, so from there it was basically just screwing it in to the pool. I already have an electrical outlet by the filter but I did need a longer "stake" to mount the transformer for the Simpl Chlor. I had some treated 4x4's lying around, so I just made it pointy on my table saw and pounded it into the ground, mounting the transformer on this.
    I just love salt water generators when they work correctly. No more adding chlorine to the pool and I don't know why, but everything just never seems to need attention, such as the ph, alkalinity etc - for me it has always stayed about perfect without doing anything when I am using a swg.
    Few weeks go by and the Simpl Chlor is working great. One thing I noticed tho was when the pump is turned off, the Simpl Chlor is supposed to stop working. The first day I used it it was still producing chlorine with the pump off, but I had just got into the habit of turning it off when I turned off my filter pump.
    Being really lazy, I decided to get a timer for my filter then I really would not have to do anything. I bought a timer but had forgotten the Simpl Chlor was not shutting off like it is supposed to.
    Great, here I go again. I am an old school kind of guy and I have come to not really care for the way a whole bunch of companies deal with service for things under warranty anymore. I normally do not complain much but I just never buy anything from them again if I feel the service is bad. i doubt they care, but they won't be getting any more of my money.
    So it was with trepidation I started hunting down the Simpl Chlor website to tell them my problem. I found their website and it really did not instill that much confidence that this was going to be taken care of. It wasn't a bad website, but it sure wasn't a fortune 500 company either.
    So I shot off an email telling them my problem. I basically couldn't put my filter pump on the timer I had bought because the simpl chlor continued to make chlorine even when the pump was off.
    To be honest, I had actually forgot about sending the email. Just figured I would have to deal with the problem. A few days later I did receive a reply from them. I forget what it said, but it was pretty much just the directions for how to use it. I replied back, thinking I was going to be on an email carousel, telling them I had done everything he said and it still did not work correctly.
    The next day I received his reply. He told me that it must have a faulty flow valve and they would send me out a new one immediately.
    Wow, cool I thought. An actual reply addressing my problem without accusing me of breaking it, lying etc.
    I was thinking I was just going to be getting some tiny piece of plastic, but at least they were trying to address the problem.
    The mail came today and she had a box for me. I was thinking it was a part for a boat I am working on. I opened up the box and was shocked, Simpl Chlor has sent me an entire new cell, plus a new control head. They basically sent me an entire new Simpl Chlor. I had forgot what real service was actually like. I emailed them and told them my problem, they tried to address it without being accusatory and when that did not work, they pretty much sent me an entire new unit.
    This is what actual service used to be like way back when when I walked 20 miles to school in my bare feet

    So the point of this really, really long story ? When i was searching for a swg and came across the Simpl Chlor, the only information I really found was people like me asking if it was any good, with a bunch of them complaining about Chlorease.
    If you happen to come across this while seeking out information about it, let me assure you that not only is it a great product that does exactly what it says it will do (the transformer is also of obviously better quality then the Chlorease), if you do happen to run into a problem with it you will get actual service that actually seems to value it's customers and understands that not everyone who is having a problem is lying about it etc.
    I said i was old school about things like this and I was serious. If I ever feel a company or business does not treat me as it should, i rarely complain but I will never do business there again. I don't care if it is a pizza place or a large department store, for me it is the principle that counts.
    On the other hand, while I rarely complain about bad service, when I do get excellent service and I feel the business actually seems to value it's customers, I like to spread the word and let anyone who may be interested know about it. (while I did complain about Chlorease in this post, it was only to define my previous experience so you knew where I was coming from. When i say i rarely complain, I mean i did not post about it anywhere etc. when I felt they did treat me like scum)

    With Simpl Chlor, I can say it has now been my experience that they are a company that sells a quality product and they obviously value their customers and actually treat us like adults. My swimming pool is crystal clear , I could not be happier with that. Then today, I opened a box that came in the mail and much to my surprise, Simpl Chlor took no chances and sent me, free of charge, everything I could possibly need to insure it would work properly. Today I basically got a whole new Simpl Chlor.
    Sorry so long, but as so many people are always looking for swg for their above ground pools, you obviously know the product i would recommend. I didn't count on it when I bought it as so little information was out there about it, but it turns out I could not have purchased a better product.
    Next time you have to deal with chlorease, do yourself a big favor, pitch it and check out Simpl Chlor, I know for a fact that they will value you as a customer.

    Once again, I only learned of Simpl Chlor when I got lucky and purchased one and I have zero affiliation, don't know anyone, don't own stock in the company etc etc etc.
    Tis just the principle of it for me.

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    Re: Simpl Chlor - a company that actually values it's custom

    Glad I found this writeup ..... funnily enough I'm looking for an SWG for my 24' ABG also.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Pool details:
    14613 Gallon AG Round
    Filter: Pro-Clean PCCF200 with Cartridge Filter. Pump: Century LASAR 2.5 HP with High and Low setting

    No longer being ripped-off by the Baquacil pimps thanks to TFP.

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    Re: Simpl Chlor - a company that actually values it's custom

    has only been about 3 weeks, but it has been hot, hot, hot here in middle Tennessee. Pretty much around 94-96 everyday until yesterday (88). Of course I was checking my pool often the first week - stays perfect. I have not done anything to my pool except hook up a Barracuda Ranger when needed. Water has been perfect and of course crystal clear.
    I obviously can not give a long term use report on how the transformer holds up, but surprisingly from what I figured when I bought it, I honestly have little doubt if it fails they will make it right. Wish I could say that about most everything I own.
    It was just so nice to find a company that actually served their customer without making me jump through hoops.
    I will say that they have earned my business and will check them out in the future. I am guessing they must make products besides this but can't find anything. I would be interested in finding out if they do offer anything else, although the customer service could very possibly be carried out by different people.

    Also not just the customer service though as that just keeps me, there has to be a good product involved also and so far i love it.
    I probably do not need to, but as it does get so hot here, I built a little "roof" over the transformer to keep the sun from hitting it directly because anything directly in the sun, from tools to even the floats in the pool, get extremely hot, so thought it would probably be better to keep the sun from hitting it directly.
    I still give it a 2 thumbs up and it is so nice to not be messing with the pool everyday. I would never own another pool without a SWG and my first choice for an above ground is obviously a Simpl Chlor.
    I also know Chlorease will never get another penny or recommendation from me. Tis the principle after all

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