Hi all,

I've been battling an issue with my filter for the past week. The filter is a Jacuzzi Aqua Max 250 (similar to a Laser I believe).

The initial problem was that dirt was coming through the return when vacuming. Also, the pressure was very hard to build and the suction was apparently way to high (it was hard to move the vacuum) .

I've check the spider gasket, but it is fine. No water is coming out of the waste line when filtering.

I've opened the filter and tried to un-channelize the sand, but this changed nothing. I then changed the sand since it was really dirty and at least 5 year old. The internals were fine. Still the same problem.

I've opened the filter again and checked carefully the connection between the standpipe and multi-port valve. The two are barely connecting together, there is not even 1/16 of an inch connecting the two. There is room in the larger pipe to insert about 1 inch of the stand pipe.

The stand pipe seems to be 1 1/2 pvc pipe and the larger pipe which is part of the multi-port valve seems to be 2 inch pvc pipe.

Also, the connection did not seem to be snug. I've tried to put tape around the smaller pipe to form a gasket, but to no avail.

Now my questions:
Should the stand pipe be 1 inch longer?
Should there be a gasket that goes around the pipe to make sure all is snug or should there be a gasket at the bottom of the larger pipe to press against the end of the standpipe?