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Thread: Laars LX250 Gas Heater Problem

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    Laars LX250 Gas Heater Problem

    OK. So we fire up the heater this year ( a couple of weeks ago), and it comes on, no problems. We run it for a few days then shut it down. So today I go out to fire it up - no go. Under normal running conditions, I start the heater, the fan come on, 30 seconds later the "HEATING" light flashes on the control panel, the ignitor lights up, a few seconds later "floom", the heater fires up and we are in business. Today, when I turn the heater on, the fan starts like it should, but after the 30 seconds the "HEATING" light does not come on, the unit runs a few minutes, shuts down and flashes the diagnostic code "AGS", automatic gas shutdown. Now this thing is 8 years old, a little noisy, but otherwise seems to run year in and year out. I have had to replace the hot surface ignitor a few times, but when that is the problem the heater will flash the "HEATING" light, it just won't fire up. This one is a little different in that the "HEATING" light does not come on. Anyone have any ideas. Much thanks.

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    Re: Laars LX250 Gas Heater Problem

    Do these things work on the principal of "no gas - no signal to the ignition - no ignition"? Meaning will the surface ignitor come on and glow if my heater is not getting enough gas. I just don't smell any gas when I try to fire it up, so I am wondering if my line has a problem. Called the gas company, they said they could come out - next week. I told them I hope I don't blow myself up because of their gas leak.....They were not amused.......

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    Re: Laars LX250 Gas Heater Problem

    Well we checked for gas to the heater, we have it. I removed the gas valve, shook it a couple of times, blew it out and replaced it. Still no ignition. I assume that gas will not flow to the burners unless the glow bar lights up. Glow bar seems fine, but maybe it's bad. I would try to reset the high limit switch if I knew how. Ideas?

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    Re: Laars LX250 Gas Heater Problem

    I wish I could help. Hange in there - hopefully someone will be along this morning who has suggestions.
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