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Thread: My intro and a little clarification needed!

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    My intro and a little clarification needed!

    Hello everybody!

    Just found this site today and had to bookmark and become a member.

    My wife wanted a swimming pool to relax in and that my 2yo son could play in and she found the Intex 12 ft x 30 in pool at costco for $65 and I installed it on or back patio.

    I got it up and running and had it nice and clean for the first month of operation, but I live in Mexicali, Baja California Mexico and the winds here can get crazy at times. With the wind comes very fine dust.

    I have been battling the dirty pool bottom for the last few weeks and after first rigging up the stock intex pump to vacuum which did nothing but recirculate the fine dust I rigged up some pump tubing to my 12 gal rigid shop vac. That did the trick for the most part, but due to the windy weather and the fact that the chlorine levels were sky high I stopped using the pump and kept the pool covered for the last week.

    I went and uncovered the pool today and saw that the bottom again was covered in fine dust and when I checked the condition of the filter, it was covered in a white slimy substance that I would presume to be the start of a bacterial or algae bloom. I also noticed small particles suspended in the water as well.

    I decided to completely vac and drain the pool and start over based on reading through the info on this forum.

    I dont have a complete test kit yet and only have the walmart chlorine/PH oto test.

    After reading and using the pool calculator I have added 8.9 ounces of clorox bleach and also refilled the floating chloro dispenser with 1 inch tri-chlor tabs.

    Is this the proper way to add chlorine to the pool on startup?

    I know that free chlorine is needed and that CYA is needed to keep chlorine in reserve, but I could not find the info saying when to add what and when.

    My municipal water here is at 7.5 Ph and about 1 chlorine using the OTO method. I will be ordering the TF 100 test kit and will also pickup Bleach, Borax and Baking Soda.

    Thanks in advance and for all of the wonderful knowledge you have offered, I have been reading allday!
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    Re: My intro and a little clarification needed!

    Welcome to TFP!

    Your chlorination is fine for now, just stay on top of it and add bleach as needed. Floaters don't do a great job of getting the chlorine into the water, and if you let it drop too low it can get away from you.

    Often, a pool that is maintained with the chlorine a little too low has a problem with "dirt", that is really dead algae. The low chlorine level allows the algae to grow a little, but it can't get going for a full-scale bloom. When you keep on top of the chlorination the pool will stay cleaner.

    Without test results, don't buy any borax or baking soda until you know you need them.
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    Re: My intro and a little clarification needed!

    Welcome to TFP!!

    What kind of filter is it? (sand/ cartridge...)

    I'm sorry that I'm not 'up' on the 'fill and swim' pools but others here are and I want to mention, for them, the 'over-driven' filter issue for consideration.

    Please have a bit of patience - I know the folks here can help you with your issue, we just need to wait until the person who knows the answer sees this
    Luv& Luk

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