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Thread: Skimmer basket sucked down

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    Skimmer basket sucked down


    I have a skimmer basket that was "sucked down" about 6 months ago and I can't get the thing out! Without breaking the basket into pieces, does anyone have a better plan to remove this? I was afraid all the small pieces will go down into the plumbing if I break it up.

    I have attached a photo of what is going on.

    I asked the pool store and they had never heard of this happening.

    What TOTALLY confuses me is this.....I can't even see water swirl in the basket unless the Jandy valve is TOTALLY toward skimmer - - I never leave it like that because I want the Polaris to run and I use a 2-speed pump, so it's almost always TOTALLY toward pool cleaner.

    Frankly, I'm not sure how the skimmer even does anything. I empty leaves once every 3 months and end up with the size of 1 baseball, which doesn't seem like much to me.

    I noticed that the pool store sells a basket this is similar, but very slightly larger. Do you think someone had used the wrong basket here? Pool store said they won't know that answer until I get this basket out and tell them what it looks like below (1 port or 2, and if it has a flying saucer disc looking thing).

    Thanks for your thoughts on this!

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    Re: Skimmer basket sucked down

    It just looks like you have the wrong size basket for your particular skimmer. If, even with the pump off, you are not able to get the basket to budge, you really have no recourse that I can see other than sacrifcing the basket to get it out of there. I wouldn't imagine that it is going to break into a gazillion tiny pieces or anything. If your get some pliers and pull up on the rim of the basket, you will probably be able to get it out of there with minimal breakage. Cheap to replace with a new basket too, and in the future, you can fashion a little handle for the new basket by making a little loop through the mesh with a zip tie. That way, you have something to grab onto when you need to pull it out.

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    Re: Skimmer basket sucked down

    Thanks for your reply!

    It makes sense that it's the wrong size, as this doesn't seem to be a common issue.

    I'll tear it out of there and find the right size.

    Have a great night,


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    Re: Skimmer basket sucked down

    If the baskets dry, stick some heavy duck tape on surface and take a razor knife. Cut an area thru basket big enuff to get tool into . Remove tape with cut piece. You capture almost 100% of the material.
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    Re: Skimmer basket sucked down

    Some filter baskets are completely round and some have an indentation on two sides. Be sure that the indentations are lined up in the correct position for removal. If they are not you cannot pull the basket out.

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    Re: Skimmer basket sucked down

    Make some hooks out of a clothes hanger wire. Nothing to extreme but maybe 2 hooks 1/8 to 1/4 inch and try to work it up. Got the idea from removing my dash from the Mercedes.
    Maybe something that looks like this: ... hpulls.jpg
    then fish it out like this:

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