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Thread: Issue with PH going up due to SWG pool

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    Issue with PH going up due to SWG pool

    Jasonlion, I have the same issue with PH going up due to SWG pool and I run my pump 24hrs a day using Pentair VF pump, set the gallons of pool and how many turnovers per day and it run my pump at 40% and I have the SWG set for 30/35% since I run two SWG's. My CYA is at 0 currently need to add cya achieve 60ppm. My water is always crystal clear but PH creep is a killer. Your saying I can keep PH creep to a minimum by using borate, what type and amount. My chemical cost is just buying muriatic acid and salt when needed during the season. Any help would be great


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    PH 7.5 was at 7.8 added 2.5gal of acid to bring down.
    CYA 0 need to add 28lbs to increase to 60, filled with well water
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    Re: Issue with PH going up due to SWG pool

    Adding CYA is going make a huge difference. You will be able to turn down the SWG percentage significantly when CYA is up around 70 to 80, and that will mean a large reduction in the PH drift.

    Your TA level also plays a large role in how much PH drift you see. You didn't post a TA level, so I don't know where you are now. But try bringing TA down to 60 and see how that does.

    If you haven't already, read the section in Pool School on adjusting your levels for use with a SWG.
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    Re: Issue with PH going up due to SWG pool

    I work in a pool store and I have found that borates really do help PH in a SWG pool. You will have a fair expense in achieving a 50ppm borate level, but once there IMHO it would be well worth in when calculating all the other benefits that borates offer. According to, You will need about 43 to 44 boxes of 20 Mule team borax, best price I've seen is $2.98 a box at Wal-mart. (Or you could stake a claim in Death Valley! lol) and about 12 Gallons of Muriatic Acid. Once Your pool is ready for the borax, I found that for every 4 boxes of Borax, You'll need approx 1 gallon of Acid (roughly). It would be wise to take a peek on article about adding Borates to your pool found in the Forum so-you-want-to-add-borates-to-your-pool-why-and-how-t4921.html. As always, enjoy your pool!
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