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Thread: First test results...Advice please

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    First test results...Advice please

    We have almost finished filling our 18 x 36 sport depth pool it should hold approx 17,500 gallons, we now have 15-16 k gallons in it. We are running the pump, but not started the SWG. We have added 8 bags of salt and the normal startup chemicals.

    We have just started shocking and the water is cloudy.
    Our TF100 readings this evening are:

    FC 14
    CC 1.0
    TC 15
    PH 8.2
    TA 90
    CH 60
    CYA 70

    The PH was high before we started shocking.
    The main question is do we ignore the PH until finished shocking or add some acid now to bring it down?

    Any other advice?
    Thank you,
    "Experience is what you get, just after you needed it."

    Owner DIY build, steel/liner kit, 18x36 Deer Creek, sport depth, approx 17,500 gal,
    Aqua Plus SWG, 1 1/2 hp, 2 speed, 300# sand filter and twin Color logic 4.0s, MX-8 Cleaner.
    My DIY Pool Build

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    Re: First test results...Advice please

    What was the pH before you started shocking? Whatever it was before you raised the FC, add enough acid that would have lowered your original pre-shock pH to a more satisfactory level (7.2 to 7.4).

    With a CYA of 70 ppm, your shock level FC is 28 ppm. Since you are only at 14, you should add enough bleach to raise it up to 28. Brush lots, circulate the water, and yes, keep your SWCG cell off until you are finished shocking.

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