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Thread: Would love advice on new pool

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    Would love advice on new pool

    My husband and I are looking to put in a 15' x 30' above ground pool and build a deck completely around it. I have some questions. We are looking to buy the matrix, but found others too. We are planning on buying Gorilla Pad, a 25 gauge liner, a sand filter and other items. We live in Charlotte, NC with a LOT of trees.

    1) What size sand filter & pump? I'd like energy efficient options. I've read different "don't do more than 1 1/2 hp b/c it could damage the liner"??? We are wanting to add a cleaner too eventually. And I've read that you have to watch a higher hp pump with pipe size. How do I determine pipe size? It's not listed on the pool specs I've seen. I've looked at Haywood and Pentair...but open to others.

    2) Any recommendations on ag pool cleaners?

    3) Can you have a slide? I've noticed people in the forum talking about slides, but I thought you can't jump or dive into an above ground pool, which to me meant you also can't have a slide. Is this true.

    4) Anyone use any solar items and have any thoughts? We'd like to heat the pool, but we are fairly earth friendly and I can't see spending that money.

    5) Anyone have a salt water system? Do you like it? I like the idea better, but warranty seems like a drag. Any thoughts?

    I'm new to all this, so any thoughts would be helpful. THANKS! Erica
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    Re: Would love advice on new pool

    Welcome to TFP.

    1) Go with no larger than a 1hp full rated 2-speed pump. A 250 or 300 lb sand filter and have them run 2" plumbing between the equipment and pool.

    2) Lots of good ones but lets tackle that later.

    3) They make AGP slides. They're built at less of an angle than deep end pool slides.

    4) Lots of people use solar heaters on the forum. Use the search function in the lower left corner and you'll find plenty of ideas.

    5) Same as #4. Lots of people use swcg's and are very happy with them.
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    Re: Would love advice on new pool

    Welcome to TFP Ditto to what Bama said on AGPs

    Having a AGP as well , and a somewhat large deck, but no where near the size of what you are considering, have you considered going the IG Vinyl route? Unless you DIY build the deck, it's going to cost way more than the pool itself. It's one of those things that I question 3 years after our build, but I'm not about to take down my AGP to put in a IG, just wish I really did the math .
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    Re: Would love advice on new pool

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the help and sooo speedy.

    Vinyl inground - no haven't considered. Give me an idea of one and I will gladly look into it. 8)

    We thought about doing fiberglass but I couldn't spend the money. We are wanting to get it done for under 5k all in, the cheaper the better.

    We already have a big deck on the back of our house with a hot tub. We are removing a portion of the deck and putting the pool up next to it and building a 3' walkway around and an additional 6' on one side. We are planning on doing it all ourselves. We are very handy, we have remodeled a kitchen tile, cabinets plumbing and electrical. We'll probably hate each other when it's done, but should save a lot of money. 8)

    This is our estimate

    $2500 pool*
    $250 liner*
    $100 used stairs*
    $600 filter and pump
    $400 clorinator (looking for good salt option)
    $500 decking (boards & hardware only) We are having to refinish the deck this year and aren't including that cost.*

    $4,302 currently

    * prices I have found and are banking on, the rest is just estimates
    36,000 gallon in-ground vinyl liner, Pentair Triton II Fiberglass Sand Filter TR-140, Pentair Triton wisperFlo 3 HP Pump, located in the pacific northwest.

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