The Jandy RS6 was installed in 2003 and have had no problems until 6 months ago. All the LED's would light and firmware number would appear(6700 REV C). I figure the connecting wires were the issue and replaced them. It worked for about 2 months, then the same thing happen, all lights on, then off for awhile, then on again. I hooked a short length of wire and hooked it directly to the PCB, same problem. I loosen the PCB and tried to push the IC's into the sockets. No results. The next day I again hooked the All Button to the PCB and everything was working. After several hours, all the LED's lite up and then it started working again. I have reset the All Button controller using the 'reset' button on the side, I did not see anything happen. NOTE: the voltage across terminal 1 and 4 was at 9 volts. The pool pump does function, turning on and off at the appropriate times and when in "Service', all the buttons on the PCB work. Any ideas??