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Thread: DoughBoy Power Pak II Problems

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    DoughBoy Power Pak II Problems

    I just received a call from a friend that has a Doughboy ABG w/ Power Pack II with a 1-1/2 HP motor. His problem began last fall with low suction at the skimmer. Today I asked him to apply slight pressure to the filter basket cover. He stated that this helped the low suction issue. So that leads me to think it may be the O-ring on the lid right? He also said something interesting, That he had so much suction pressure in the basket when it was working well that the suction broke parts of the plastic basket out and into the filter..
    I'm wondering if the broken skimmer basket pieces may be causing and obstruction or has caused damage which might be the cause of the current low suction pressure. I personally have not seen his set-up yet. I will visit him in a couple of days and will post pic's is needed.
    Thanks in advance for you input.
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    Re: DoughBoy Power Pak II Problems

    The suction should not be breaking the strainer basket, that may indicate obstruction in the suction path to the pump. Have him disconnect the pump from the power supply and pull the impeller to check it for obstructions and debris. Also check the suction path for obstructions as well.
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    Re: DoughBoy Power Pak II Problems

    I have the same pump. No expert in this, but some similar experiences. The pump is now 3 years old and losing power each year. I have come to the conclusion that it is just a poorly made pump. The skimmer basket breaks,not because of the suction, of which there is not much any more, but because the skimmer basket is pretty cheaply made.We do not put chlorine tablets in the skimmer- I can only imagine how much faster it would decay
    The clear lid on the pump strainer basket also breaks easily- the little arms that reach out to the screw posts break off and the lid is not as tight. You do not realize it has happened until the next time you open it up and suprise! broken lid arms. We replaced one lid already, and now sandwich the arms with washers to spread out the torque as we tighten down the lid. We have learned to be more careful about evenly and gently tightening that lid. Also, we have to be religious about lubing the o-ring, or we again lose pressure.
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