Long story short. I was given a "free" hot tub. Which cost me $2000 in concrete, $300 in dirt, and $200 of electrical parts. So much for free. Well it worked fine for three weeks. Did I mention that it is 11 years old and was empty for the last 2 years? Well I went out the other day and the topside control panel is dead. I checked the voltage going in to the control pack (Balboa). It is getting power. I thought it might be the high limit. Nope. I ordered a new topside control panel as a $150 gamble. Plugged it in. Nothing. I finally checked the soldered in fuse on the circuit board. 0 volts on both ends. The service manual I downloaded says replace the circuit board. Oh yeah, I have no paperwork on this thing. So, after some research, I found the circuit board. Apparently, they were made by Balboa specifically for Hydro Spa. Cost $310 if you can find them. I say all of this to ask. Should I just buy a new Control Pack? Everything else seems to be working. I have priced Control Packs from $400 to $600. If so, which brand?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.