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Thread: Pump won't prime

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    Pump won't prime

    I've been unable to get my pump to prime. So far, I've checked everything, lubricated seals and replaced spider gasket. The pool is not leaking at all except for a very small amount around the pressure gauge which I cannot seem to control despite trials of silicon tape and lubricant. I am getting some air bubbles through the return but water is flowing through the system. Pressure is between 5-8 on the meter.


    Could the small leak around the pressure gauge cause the failure to prime?
    Any other suggestions?

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Pump won't prime

    If you have pressure on the pressure gauge, then the pump should be primed. Is there air in the pump basket? That could be due to a clogged impeller or suction line.
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    Re: Pump won't prime

    Is this above ground or in ground?
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    Re: Pump won't prime

    It is an in-ground pool. Initially, there is no air in the basket but the level falls once I turn it on.

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    Re: Pump won't prime

    If the basket won't stay full, it could either be an air leak or a restriction on water intake. Is the pool level about halfway up the skimmer? Is there any vortex or slurping sounds in the skimmer? Any water spurts when the pump shuts off?

    Leaks after the pump, such as the pressure gauge, won't affect priming.
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    Re: Pump won't prime

    Water is above the skimmer so no air is getting in that way. Water level is stable. I'm wondering if the air could be getting in at/around the pump. It seems sealed and no water is leaking around the pump. No water spurts when shutting off the pump.

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Pump won't prime

    Take a look at the leak detection article in Pool School and see if that helps any.

    I strongly suspect a suction side leak.

    Any chance of getting a pic of your system?

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    Re: Pump won't prime

    Submitting my nomination for dumbest newbie pool caretaker - me!
    The drain plug on the pump trap was loose. Tightened it up and voila!

    Thanks for the help

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