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Thread: jandy epump gone offline, help

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    jandy epump gone offline, help

    So my pool is less than a year old, still issues with the builder about other aspects of the project but i have issues with my main filtration pump now.


    Jandy HHP Series
    Pro Edge Product
    High performance pump
    2 HP e’ PUMP

    Jandy PDA 8 Remote

    System was on filtration when i left house yesterday and on return things where quiet. Seems the pump was not working for at least 45 mins, could been longer. When i try and activate the pump via the PDA it says <Pump offline>. Checked the power to the pump using my multimeter, relay kicks in. Same situation from the panel in my electrical panel. Removed the communication link connectors on the pump and plugged them back, still nothing. My sheer decent's work fine with the other pump.

    Tried looking on the web but cant find a thing.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: jandy epump gone offline, help

    Can't help, but I bet someone else can...Welcome to TFP!
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    Re: jandy epump gone offline, help

    Turns out the pump needs to be replaced however Jandy has these things on back order Now the problem is how to keep the pool in good condition with no filtration. Been dumping chlorine in it, running my water falls and brushing the pool. Dont think the shock was a smart idea in the spa though, looks so murky. Gave it a good old brush.

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    Re: jandy epump gone offline, help

    Forgot about my post here, so in the end i got a replacement pump from the local repair Rep and then my new pump arrived a month later (seems Jandy had issues with the motor manufacture and was resourcing. Now reason i am back is same thing happen, or i think it did. Returned back from 3 weeks vacation and the pump is dead again. Was strange though i had a reset on a GFI for another circuit that runs from the control board. This morning checked the relay with my multi-meter, works fine, anything else worth looking at on the motor itself before i call the repair Rep again tomorrow? Hope its something simple as the nights here are unseasonably cold, below freezing. I had 2mm i would say of ice on my spa this morning, the pool was fine as was the skimmer and no ice inside any of the pumps. Just hope the pipes didnt freeze in my pool heater.

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    Re: jandy epump gone offline, help

    I just had the same error message, but it was a different problem. Intermittently I would get this error and the pump would turn off.

    After checking all of the connectors to make sure everything was secure.... I was at a loss.

    Then I measured for voltage and found that even though the controller was sending the control voltage to the relay (6581), but there was no 220V to the pump coming out of the relay. But there was 220V going into the relay.

    I took the back side of my screw driver and tapped on the case of the relay and the pump started up, then stopped again. Tapping again, pump started and stayed on.

    I replaced the relay and now everything is OK! I took the relay apart and sure enough burned contacts. See picture.


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