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Thread: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

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    Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Hey guys and gals!!! Its me again!!!!

    Finally after all the rain and hectic schedule I was able to get my pool uncovered today....but it is a green mess!!! Did not get the cover on as quickly as we should have last year so it does have a little bit of leaves that will need to be removed....BUT very little as compared to in the past!!! The biggest problem is that the hickory nuts started falling before we could get the cover on last fall.

    I am not worried because it is NOT the mess it was last year and with the help of all of you... it was sparkling clean within a couple of weeks and I know it will be again!!

    I just wanted to post my numbers and make sure I do everything in the correct order!!! I have plenty of bleach on hand and ready to start shocking it tonight with the first load.

    Here are my numbers:

    FC - 0
    CC - 0
    pH - 7.5
    TA - 150
    CH - 150
    CYA - 0

    I am concerned about the CYA reading as 0 when it was not that low at all last year when we closed the pool .... but we did have a hard time keeping the CYA above 20 due to the fact we had to keep refilling our pool.... Don't know if it has a leak.... in the liner or just exactly what is the problem but we do have the name of someone that will come out and look for leaks. The liner is only 2 years old.

    I have read the SWAMP notes... several times!!!!

    Do I need to raise my CYA and lower my pH before I start adding bleach?????

    I do have the pump running now and we did change out our sand this year.

    Does it make a difference if we don't know what our pool temp is????

    The Pool calculator is telling me to shock it to 10.... which is about 2.4 (182 oz) jugs.

    Anxious to get started... just need someone to tell me where to start!!! Thank you for your help in advance!!!!!
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Your PH is fine where it is. The water temperature does not matter very much.

    Start raising CYA to around 30 and shocking at the same time. For this evening, shock to 10. Starting 24 hours after you add CYA, shock based on your target CYA level.
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Thank you sooooooo much!!! That is what I was going to do but I didn't want to be wasting my bleach IF I needed to get that CYA up first!!!! Will be picking up the stabilizer tomorrow after church and working on it all afternoon!!!! I totally forgot about the stabilizer when I got my bleach!!!

    Thank you again!!!!
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!


    My pool is crystal clear and glistening in the sun!!!! Only took one week this year as compared to 2-3 weeks last year to get it clear!!!!

    Now my question is: How long do I keep shocking it??? I know there are 3 things to look for and I cannot find them anywhere onsite this year. Can you list them again????

    Here are my numbers:

    FC - 10.5
    CC - .5
    pH - 8.2
    TA - 150
    CH - 160
    CYA - 35

    I know my pH is a little high but is that due to all of the shocking??? been shocking to 13 & 14 everyday now for 9 days. I really have trouble with my pH going to high...... used a LOT of muriatic acid last year..... but have not really been worried about it yet since I was not through shocking... but...

    I really think I am through shocking.... aren't I?????

    Since my pH stays on the high side... what is the best number to keep it at???
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    CC is 0.5 or lower;

    An overnight FC loss test shows a loss of 1.0 ppm or less;

    And the water is clear.

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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Richard answered the shocking

    On the PH, keep it at 7.8 or below at all times. Your TA is on the high side which is causing frequent PH rise
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Thanks guys!! that was what I have been looking for!!!
    So I guess I am not through shocking yet!!!

    Do I try to lower the pH or just keep shocking and then worry about it???
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    Re: Opened my pool to a green mess today... Help!!!

    Keep shocking and disregard the current pH's invalid (on the high side) in the presence of high chlorine so your pH is actually lower.
    Dave S.
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