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Thread: How much MA can I add at once?

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    How much MA can I add at once?

    New pool filled 6 days. Had to add chlorine & CYA past few days. Yesterday FC was 6.5 after adding, was 4 this am then dropped to 1.5. CYA was at 40. Just added chlorine & CYA 2.5 hrs ago.

    Here are my #'s after adding chemicals...

    FC 6.5
    PH 7.8 - 8.2
    TA 220
    CH 480
    CYA 60

    Reading as much as I can. Understand I need to add Muriatic Acid to lower PH to 7.0 - 7.2 which believe will help bring down TA, then aerate to increase PH leaving the TA lower than before.

    Two questions:

    Pool calculator states I need to add 44 oz of 29% MA, bottle states I cant add more than 1 pint per 10,000 gals per 24 hrs BUT the chlorine bottle stated something similar that I disregarded. If I follow the bottle & add only 11 oz per day(according to my pool size) it will take me 4 days to add the MA. Or can I add the whole 44 oz at once??

    Once I get the PH down I'm worried that I wont get it back up. We had the pool level just covering the water outlet but within days had evaporated enough that part of the water outlet was exposed. Before I'd read about the solution to high TA I filled more water to get the water outlet under water. I'm afraid I had too much aeration before & now wont have enough to bring it back up. I have the eye pointing up & I get some ripples but no spray. Will that be enough?

    Thanks in advance. Love this website!
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    Re: How much MA can I add at once?

    You want the surface of the water to churn enough to mix in air. Try it with the return pointing up as far as possible. If it does not give you enough aeration to increase pH then you can look at raising the pH chemically. If you have high TA in the fill water look into adding a pvc fountain for aeration.

    Go ahead and add the acid with the pump running. If you don't feel comfortable adding it all at once divide the dose in two and wait an hour between doses.
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    Re: How much MA can I add at once?

    I dilute my acid in a plastic bucket before I add it to the pool. Just scoop out a bucketfull from the pool, measure your acid, and then dribble it in front of a return jet. A bit of brushing immediately after will help to mix it up good and keep a concentrated dose from settling in one spot.
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    Re: How much MA can I add at once?

    You can safely add it all at once by pouring it slowly in front of a return. Make sure the pump stays on and once you have added it, stir the water up good by brushing.

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    Re: How much MA can I add at once?

    As long as pH stays above 7.0, you should be fine. Note that this takes a little experience--the pool calculator is kind of iffy in the pH department, there are too many variables for it to be better than a good guess.

    pH will rise on its own, with that kind of TA. Aeration isn't a required part of the process--it just makes things go faster.
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