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Thread: Pool Staining. Chemical question

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    Pool Staining. Chemical question

    Hi I am new to swimming pool problems after having had a trouble free 4 years,then about 8 months ago i started to notice staining to my pool floor.When i took a closer look under the water i also noticed that the pool was starting to become pitted in the area of the stains. This area is mainly concentrated in one half of teh pool with no marks or pitting to the Spa? My pool is still under warranty and i have had them take a look at the pool and they tell me that it is a Stabilizer problem that has caused this? Seems strange that there are only localised stains and none in the spa. Could this bee the steel bars used to construct the pool, and not enough lining having been added?

    The builders sent some one round who added "Jacks Magic Stain Solution #1".Whilst this did remove the stain it has done noting for the pitting.I'm worried that this will continue and the pool will go out of warranty
    and i will be faced with a bill for having my pool re-surfaced.

    I had the water tested . Would really appreciate if some one could help.

    Actual Level: Ideal Level: High / Low

    Total Chlorine: 5.0 ppm 2 to 4 ppm High
    Free Chlorine: 5.0 ppm 2 to 4 ppm High
    Combined Chlorine: 0.0 ppm 0 to 0 ppm
    PH 7.6 7.4 to 7.6
    Total Alkalinity 135 ppm 80 to 120 ppm High
    Calcium Hardness 325 ppm 200 to 400 ppm
    Stabilizer 100 ppm 40 to 100 ppm
    Total Dissolved Solids 1000 ppm 300 to 3000 ppm

    Temperature 80
    Langlier Index 0.3

    Analysis for 11564 Gallons Exposed Aggregate Pool. Analyst: West. Savannah
    Prescription for: Pemberton, Chris on January 7th 2011

    Pour 3.2 quarts of Suncoast Muriatic acid into a plastic bucket already filled with swimming pool water in a ratio of 1 part acid to 5 parts water.
    Pour this solution towards he deepest part of the swimming pool while circulation system is operating. Do not add more than 1 gallon of
    Recheck PH 24 hours after total alkalinity adjustment.

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    Re: Pool Staining. Chemical question

    Welcome to TFP!

    You do have a problem with a very high CYA level, but that would not have anything to do with the pitting you describe. Your high CYA level means your FC level is actually too low. With CYA around 100 normal day to day FC levels should be 8 to 13.

    I am concerned by the muriatic acid directions that you posted. Doing that would bring the PH way way too low and low PH is exactly what causes plaster pitting. If you have been following directions like that, they are the most likely source of your plaster damage.
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    Re: Pool Staining. Chemical question

    Thanks for the post. To be honest we have done nothing with the pool other than the Jacks magic #1. We did not add any muriatic acid. What do you think about there being no stain/pitting in the spa? If this were a chemical problem would it not be in there as well?

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