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Thread: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

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    Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    My Father recently passed away and he had a 16x32 inground, concrete pool that I am now caring for. The pool had MAJOR water loss during the winter. I refilled the pool several times and it always drains down to the same spot. Eyballing it, it looks like it drains to about "ground level" (since the pool sits up about 3 ft. The water leaks well below the return lines, skimmer and light. I am thinking it could be the bottom drain or underground pipe? I still have the cover on the pool. Please help. Not sure if this can be fixed or is the pool a demo. Thanks so much for your help. I called 6 pool services, multiple times over the past month and cannot get even one to come out and look at it, let alone return phone calls!

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    Re: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    I'm totally new here, but physics tells me that the leak is occurring at the same level the water is draining to. It is unlikely that it is leaking from the bottom of the pool, or all the water would drain out. Look mainly near the skimmer and the returns around the outside of the pool to see if you see moisture (may not help if the pool is surrounded by concrete). Also, look around your pump. Mine is just above ground level and I have a slow leak when I forget to turn off the valve that was put there as a cheap fix to the leak.
    Not knowing anything else about your pool, I can't help much more, but I feel your pain about calling around and having no one be helpful. Keep trying though - the 5th call was the charm for me.
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    Re: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    Many times, a trained diver sent into a pool finds the leak. Often its as simple as changing a hydrostatic valve, usually found in a drain's sump under the drain cover. Given the pool is apparently in an area known for a high water table given that it is really only 1/2 in the ground, it wouldn't surprise me if this was the situation in your case.

    If not already equipped, a replacement VGB compliant drain cover is also set in place.

    Total cost is a few hundred. Hardly enough to scrap a pool.

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    Re: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    The leak is almost invariably right at the level that the pool drains down to. It could be in the liner or in the main drain plumbing. You can use the water level as a guide to where to look, which normally makes the leak very easy to find.
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    Re: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    Quote Originally Posted by elf

    but physics tells me that the leak is occurring at the same level the water is draining to. It is unlikely that it is leaking from the bottom of the pool, or all the water would drain out.
    That may or may not be the case. Water will leak out of the pool until the hydrostatic pressure is equalized. Once the water pressure in the pool is the same as it is outside the pool, the water will stop flowing out, even if the leak is below where the water line comes to rest.
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    Re: Major Inground Pool Leak-HELP!

    When I had a similar situation several years ago, I just followed the water line all around the pool, looking closely for a place where the vinyl liner was torn. I pressed gently on the liner at the water line (had to get down on the ground to do this) and went around the pool until I found a spot where the liner had a small cut. Once that was repaired, all was well.

    Can't guarantee this will be your problem also, but would try it first before calling in the divers (which can be expensive) or taking more drastic action.

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