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Thread: Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

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    Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

    I just had a brand new IG pool installed. Still familiarizing myself with all the equipment and don't yet have the name/models of each component but do know that I have the Raypak 206A-EN-C heater. My pool is kidney shaped and approximately 14x27. I've had the heater on since approximately 6:30PM EST. It's now 11:56PM EST and the pool temperature has risen from 58 to 63. That seems awfully slow - basically 1 degree per hour.

    Did I get a poor heater installed or is that standard for the course? Just not overly familiar with not only what's the norm but what equipment can impact the heating time etc.

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    Re: Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

    If we estimate that your pool is 12,700 gallons, then you should get about 1.5 degrees per hour not counting heat loss. If the pool is uncovered, then 1 degree per hour sounds about right when accounting for heat loss.

    If the heater is a 200,000 Btu model with 82 % thermal efficiency, then it will output 164,000 Btu per hour. If your pool volume is 12,700 gallons, then it will take 105,400 Btu to raise the temperature by 1 degree F. This means that in one hour, the maximum temperature rise would be 1.56 degrees.
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    Re: Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

    I have a 406 heater (see sig) and when I punched your info into the pool calculator and it spits out a 11,000 gallon pool. I'm not going to try to figure out numbers and rates because I gave that ...uh...stuff... up when I graduated, but you heated 11,000 gallons up by 5 degrees in 5 and 1/2 hours. That doesn't strike me as all that unreasonable. Think of the heater as a way to keep the temp up in the "swimmable" temperatures and thus extend your season. It's not a hot tub ya know...unless you have a spa with the pool...then of course it's definitely a hot tub. I have about a 30,000 Gallon pool and I'm going to ramp the temp up a few days before my son's birthday party in order to make it nice for the kids. BTW, if you can afford a solar cover that will help you prevent heat loss at night.
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    Re: Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

    More importantly, your manual will most likely tell you what the heater is expected to do based off of the gallons in your pool. My MaxETherm has tables related to this. I would expect your heater manual to have the same.
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    Re: Pool Taking Longer Time To Heat Than Expected

    Quote Originally Posted by PJStyles
    That seems awfully slow - basically 1 degree per hour.
    That is completely normal.
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