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Thread: Bleach Hand Smell

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    Bleach Hand Smell

    Have ever gotten bleach or liquid chlorine on your hand or fingers and noticed that the smell would not go away for several days?

    Yeah, me too.

    I thought the smell was chloramine. I thought that the chlorine reacted with ammonia that was on my skin from sweat and it produced a chloramine and that was what I smelled. I was wrong. First of all, there is way more chlorine than ammonia so it would have destroyed the ammonia, not made a chloramine. Second, I thought washing my hands with soap and water would remove it. It didn't. It must be something else.

    What we have all been smelling is L-pyrroline. L-pyrroline is formed from the amino acid L-proline when the keratin protein found in the stratum corneum layers of the skin is exposed to free chlorine or other halogens.

    How much L-pyrroline is formed varies from person to person but the mechanism is the same. The degradation of skin protein is believed to begin with the rapid chlorination of a protein of an amide protein bond when the skin is exposed to chlorine. If this N-chlorination occurs adjacent to the amino acid L-proline, the ensuing protein fragmentation results in the formation of L-pyrroline. Once the N-chlorination has occurred, the formation of the odor on the skin will continue for several days.

    So far I have not found anything that will remove the smell except time. If any of you have found something that will remove the smell, I would sure like to learn about it.

    Another one of life's mysteries solved or at least explained. FYI Y'all.

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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    Thank you for sharing this very interesting information. Please add an attribution link when you copy/paste from another source.
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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    You could try rubbing your hands with a bar of stainless steel. This is a method cooks have used to remove onion and garlic smells from their hands.

    Or you could wear gloves when pouring bleach.
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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    Quote Originally Posted by zea3
    You could try rubbing your hands with a bar of stainless steel. This is a method cooks have used to remove onion and garlic smells from their hands..
    I have one of the "onion bars" and while it works great for onion smell, it doesn't do anything for the bleach smell.

    In addition, normal 6% bleach isn't anywhere near as bad as the 73% cal-hypo!

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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    What's wrong with hands smelling like chlorine (please don't tell me it's not normal )
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    Hydrogen Peroxide (3 % from the drugstore) or vitamin C (crushed up into a powder and made into a patste) might work. I haven't tried it, so I am just speculating.
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    Re: Bleach Hand Smell

    I use GOJO.

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