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Thread: SoftSwim, Borates, Ph, TA confused need guidance please!

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    SoftSwim, Borates, Ph, TA confused need guidance please!

    I need help please.

    My pool is a Doughboy Copper Canyon 16x32, 17,500 gallon (at least that's what the pool place told me), oval above ground with a 7' deep end. I am using SoftSwim, because I was dead st against chlorine, like most people I was turned off by public pools. I wanted to go with the Nature2 or a Pool Frog since they were inline solutions & seemed easier to use, but the pool place told me they were **** & there was no better system for a pool than SoftSwim, so that's what I went with.

    I have had no problems with the SoftSwim except always having to use Lo'n Slo all the time. I was told about Bioguard Optimizer plus & all the wonderful things it did & it was something I definitely wanted to do. However it was going to cost around $125 for the Optimizer Plus & then I would have to buy Lo'n Slo & Balance Paks to rebalance the Ph & TA, they estimated the total cost would be around $350.

    So I started digging & ran across Waterbear's post about how you can use 20 Mule Team Borax & Muriatic Acid and accomplish the same thing. I used the calculation method that was detailed out & came up with needing 14 boxes of 20 Mule Team Borax & 4 gallons of Muriatic Acid. I did as the instructions stated & added 1/2 the amount of each (7 boxes of borax & 2 gallons of acid) directly into the return stream so it would be shot out into the pool & dispersed. I waited about 45 minutes and put the rest in the same way. I let the pump run for 48 hours & checked the levels. The Ph & TA where very high, as in maxed out on the color chart for the test strips. So I used the pool calculator & determined that I need a little over 2 gallons of Muriatic acid to bring the Ph down, which would then bring the TA down as well. So I did that & rechecked 2 hours later, the TA was perfect buy the Ph was really low. So I turned on the fountain in the pool to aerate the water so the Ph would come back up to normal. Next I checked the Borate levels with the Borate Test strips & my Borates ar 80ppm not the 50ppm they are supposed to be. So I have wasted water down to the minimum line on the skimmer & now I am refilling & will recheck the Borate levels again in about 2 hours.

    My question is, did I do everything right or did I screw up? I just concerns me since I've now added 6 gallons of acid to my pool since Sunday. Acid makes me nervous.

    Any feed back or help would be greatly appreciated.
    Type: Doughboy 16x32 Oval Above Ground w/ 7' Deep End
    Volume: 17,500 gallons
    Chemicals:SoftSwim, Borax & Acid
    Testing Method: Colorq Biguanide Pool/Spa 5
    Biguanide (SoftSwim B):35ppm
    Biguanide Shock (SoftSwim C): 49ppm
    Borate: 90ppm

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    Re: SoftSwim, Borates, Ph, TA confused need guidance please!

    You haven't done anything wrong and if you had left the borates a little high it would have been fine. It will come down over time.

    What ever it winds up at when you refill wil be fine.

    It would be nice if you'd post a full set of test results and how you got them.
    Also place your equipment in your sig.
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    Re: SoftSwim, Borates, Ph, TA confused need guidance please!

    Remember, the borate test strips aren't all that precise. Your actual level could be 50 even if the test strip reads 80 within the precision of the test strips.
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