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Thread: Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

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    Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

    I have recently opened up my parents pool and have been doing the usual shock whilst trying to balance the PH. As the water was still very cloudy after a few days I added a bottle of "Clean n Clear" Algaecide which I found in my parents cupboard. I've never used it before but I figured it was worth a go.

    Anyway the next day nothing had changed so I decided to Floc the pool. The following day the Floc worked in that everything sunk to the bottom but there is this creamy white scum over the surface of the pool and lots of foam in the filter.

    I've never had this before so I'm guessing it's the Algaecide that I added. Is there anything I can do to get rid of it? The filter clogs up quite quickly due to the scum so it's very hard to run the filter 24 hours as I have to check it regularly so that it doesn't clog up.

    Is there anything I can do or will it just dissipate in it's own time? If so how long do these things usually take to break down as I can't hoover the pool at the moment because I can't see below the surface!

    FYI I don't plan on using an Algaecide again, I've never needed to in 10 years so not sure why I gave it a go this time but I won't be getting any more lol.
    Thanks for your help, the main thing is if I should just leave it alone I really need to know how long these things take to clear up as want to get the pool clean before they return from their holiday.

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    Re: Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

    Welcome to TFP!

    It's probably the algaecide causing the foam. You'll just have to wait it out now.
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    Re: Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

    I think it is but having never used it before I wasn't sure.

    When you say wait it out, what sort of time scale are we talking days or weeks? I'm not going there for another few days so it's all good but will I still be figuring this out in a weeks time? Also the filter isn't running at the moment due to it blocking up so will this make it take even longer? I don't mind waiting but would like some idea as to how long these things take.

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    Re: Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

    Foam from algaecide normally lasts just under a week. For now just ignore the foam and maintain the pool just as you otherwise would.
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    Re: Scum/Foam Problem - Possibly the Algaecide???

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Any chance you folks run a SWCG pool? While I don't know or understand the reactions, it seems that linear algaecides create a crusty white foam in the presence of ~1500+ ppm salt. As Jason said, it lasts less than a week.
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