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Thread: First Water Test with Tf-100

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    First Water Test with Tf-100

    So my pool is still in the build process. There is water in the pool up to just below the skimmer. We are waiting for the waterline tile to be installed. The pump is running on low. The builder is still "mostly" in control of the water. I just did this test to make sure nothing was crazy out of whack while we are waiting to finish filling.

    The only things I have done so far is use muriatic acid to lower the pH from 8.2+ (tap water) to 7.5 and used bleach to continually raise FC levels. Since I have no CYA it stays about between 3 and 5 over night and into the day. It is 0 by the evening where I add more bleach (lots of sun here in Texas). To clarify, the FC level stays put overnight and then rapidly falls once sunlight hits.

    Here were my numbers Saturday morning before adding any bleach for the day.
    Pool details in the sig. (Salt generator is NOT on yet and no salt in the water)
    Fiberglass pool
    Temp: 75 F
    FC: 2.0
    CC: 0.5 (one drop)
    TC: 2.5
    pH: 7.5
    TA: 90-100 (9 drops is pale red, 10 drops is bright red)
    CH: 60+ (6 drop turns pale blue. Added up to 22 drops with not much change if any to color)
    I did not test CYA as stabilizer has never been added since tap water fill. I assume it is 0.

    (1) TA: Should I be counting drops until is turns bright red or just until it turns pale red and stays there?

    (2) CH: Did I do this right? 60 seems awfully low. It first turned pale blue on drop 6. A added drops up to 22 but didn't see any change in the pale blue color. Maybe it got very slightly more blue but I wasn't sure. Should I have kept going with the drops?

    (3) Anything look crazy out of whack?
    We should be filling it completely within the week. I plan to wait until then to do any real adjustments unless the experts think I need to do something now.

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    Re: First Water Test with Tf-100

    1) Add drops until the color starts changing, then continue adding drops as long as the color continues changing. The final drop, which does not change the color any further does not count. Your TA is 100.

    2) CH of 60 is fairly common for fill water. The color changed and then didn't change any further, so you did the test correctly. You will want to bring the CH level up, but there is no rush to do that on the first day or anything.

    3) Looks good for the first day.

    As long as you don't have any CYA at all, you only need to add 2 ppm of chlorine in the evening and that is it. 24 hours after adding CYA start maintaing the appropriate FC level based on the amount of CYA you added.
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