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Thread: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

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    Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    I know I WANT a pool. But I keep going back an forth about taking the "plunge."

    Here's what I'd like:

    Inground vinyl liner pool.
    Salt water
    automatic pool cover - any thoughts on this very much appreciated

    I live in Georgia. I'm not particular about shape and size. I'd prefer mid size.

    I've read all the pros and cons or pool ownership and worry that I'm getting in over my head. Safety is a concern since I have three grandkid, hence the automatic pool cover. The older two swim. The youngest is only 4 weeks old.

    Do any of you have regrets about installing a pool? If so, what are they?

    Basically, just want to hear how you feel about your pool...whether you'd do it again.


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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    It is work, and it is an expense. It is also a safety concern of course. I like your idea of an automatic pool cover. A simple rectangular pool with a cover would be a good option. How deep do you want it?

    For my part, I love having the pool. We have 4 little kids and essentially live in the pool while the weather is hot. It makes the Dallas summers much more enjoyable. Safety is of course a concern, we are being careful to train proper respect for the pool into our kids. A side benefit is that when we go to anyone else’s pool, they already know the safety rules and we don’t have to worry about it so much.

    Best of luck on your decision!
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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    I haven't thought the specifics of depth and size through yet. I'm having a landscaper draw out a plan for the back yard.

    Any suggestions are welcome. I know my grandson has more fun playing in the deep end and I also don't want them to outgrow the fun of it.

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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    I live in Georgia also and I also have 4 grandchildren - 2 that live with me. I am a new pool owner and wanted a pool for the 4 yr old and 2 yr old to play in when it gets stifling hot. I also wanted to enjoy just floating around when they aren't swimming. We have a lot of leaves in the fall and I didn't want a lot of expense starting out so we decided to go with a small above ground to see how much work it is and if we could manage the proper pool maintenance, get the kids to learn the basics of pool safety, swimming and floating etc. Even though it was really cold yesterday, my daughter got in the pool with them. The 4 yr old touchs the bottom and the water comes to her shoulders. The 2 yr old is still short enough that the water comes to her nose. We have caught them trying to see in the pool by trying to climb up on the side of the pool but we caught them. They are very curious so we make sure to keep the ladder out of the pool and have a lock on the deck gate with an additional bungee cord so they can't 'escape' when mom, grandpa and me are looking the other way. Start out small and see if you can work your way up when you feel more comfortable.
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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    Thank you for your replies. We're members of a neighborhood pool and go every chance we get during the summer. The older kids are 6 and 8 and swim very well.

    I'm planning to retire this year and I can easily visualize myself around the pool drinking mint juleps.

    Guess what I'm looking for is a reality check...if I need one

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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    Plan to commit to proper maintenance a couple minutes per day and a few hours if there is a malfunction or storm damage. Spend the money to get the best install you can for the $ and remember that the biggest regret most pool owners have is that they wished they had gotten a larger pool. The maintenance difference between large and small is negligible.
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    Re: Need help deciding...pool or no pool?

    Good thought! Thanks.

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