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Thread: Losing pressure when cleaning

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    Losing pressure when cleaning

    So I moved into this house 2 years ago and it came with a 14.5k liter above ground pool (rough estimate of volume). Uses a sand filter and it's chlorine based.

    I've never owned a pool before so I've been wrestling with a lot of variables. I've been trying to use up the existing chemicals left over from the previous owner (which I'm about to throw out and start over with the recommended stuff here like bleach and such). I've had algae (green pool sides that I have to scrub now and then, clear water though).

    My biggest problem though, and one I cannot for the life of me "get", is whenever I try to clean the pool the pump looks like it's 50% water and 50% air, chugging along to keep up. Sometimes the suction at the hose side seems pretty strong but other times it's like it's barely doing anything. Here's what I'm doing:

    1. Attaching the hose to the cleaning head (manual vacuum setup as per visual encyclopedia) and dropping into the water.
    2. Filling the hose with water to get out as much air as possible.
    3. Removing the skimmer basket.
    3. Running the hose through the skimmer hole and into the hole under where the basket was to connect the "circuit"
    4. The pump immediately starts chugging air as I try to clean the pool

    I do not understand for a second why it begins to chug air when there is no air to let into the "circuit" as best I can tell.

    Little help?

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    Re: Losing pressure when cleaning

    Welcome to TFP!

    You are getting air in the pump from the air in the hose. How are you getting the air out of the hose? The best way to get the air out is to put one end of the hose infront of a return and fill the hose with water that way. It will push all of the air out then connect the hose to the skimmer. Remember that the higher you lift the hose out of the water once it is filled the more air you will put back in to the hose.

    I would also suggest you read Pool School
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    Re: Losing pressure when cleaning

    Those vacuum hoses don't last forever either. Possible air leak in hose itself? Sometimes it's some trial and error getting that hose primed too. Almost can be an art form!
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    Re: Losing pressure when cleaning

    Thanks. I forgot to mention I do use the return to empty the air out. I haven't noticed any leaks to speak of but I guess I can try to buy a new hose and see. I also keep both ends under water through the whole process to keep air out.

    I bought a vacuum plate thinking it might help but I can't connect the two without lifting the hose over the side of the pool into the skimmer basket area. If I feed it through the rectangular skimmer hole I can't bend the hose enough to connect them. If I lift it over the side I very obviously introduce a ton of air. Haven't been able to find an angled skimmer plate that I can point out the skimmer opening either...

    Frustrating :/ Hopefully a new hose will fix it.

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    Re: Losing pressure when cleaning

    Welcome to TFP!!

    Use the palm of your hand to seal the hose when you pull the end out of the pool to keep the hose full.

    Some vac hoses have a swivel end (cuff) that goes on the vac head (the swivel cuff will draw air if not submerged). As you say that both ends are fully under water, it's probably a pinhole in your hose

    Let us know how you make out with this.
    Luv& Luk

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