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Thread: Pump losing prime

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    Pump losing prime

    I have a Haward 2 speed pump with an ozonator attached. The issue I have is that the pump keeps losing prime between cycles. The pool equipment is 7ft ABOVE the pool
    I have a Jandy check valve on the inlet side of the pump to prevent water from flowing back to the pool via the inlet. There is a tube that plugs into the pump that generates the ozone, I have removed that and plugged the pump with the origianl blanking plug - that makes no difference. I also disconnected the required bleed tube from the top of the main filter to the oulet pipe of the main filer - this appears to slow the leaking back to the pool, but does not stop it. I was thinking the only other thing I could try is to add a gate on the outlet with an actuator that shuts down the outlet after the clean cycle has finished. But I see that as complex and more maintance. Does anyone out there know if I have missed anything? at first I thought it was the ozonatoer causing the leak on the pump or due to the loop beteen the filter and the outlet but that does not seem to be the root cause of the problem. Any smart people out there? or do I just have to live with this?
    thanks in advance R
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    Re: Pump losing prime

    Is there air in the pump basket when it's running? The pump basket lid is one of the most common places for air to leak in. Clean and lube the o-ring good and try that.

    Are there any drips, leaks or wet spots around the equipment?
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    Re: Pump losing prime

    Welcome to TFP!

    Like bama said you could have an air leak at the basket lid. Even if there was a leak at the lid shouldn't the check valve keep the water from flowing backwards which in turn causing the pump to lose its prime? I would check to see if the valve is stuck in the open position.
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    Re: Pump losing prime

    hello, I don't know a lot but I am learning about the Ozone, we have one.. I have been having a problem with mine and my pump as well. I contacted the people who manufactured mine and found out that if the compression valve on the side of the pump (ours is white) goes bad it will cause the pump to drain when it shuts down. He gave me the part number and ours cost 29.99.. I don't know for sure if this is the problem you are having but it sounds like one that we are having as well. ours is made my Ultra Pure and here is thier website, they have a lot of helpful info and even if yours is made by another Manufacture the info might be helpful.

    I hope this helps..


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