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Thread: Help with electrical

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    Help with electrical

    About to call a couple electricians, for quotes. All I need is for a line to be run from my panel, across my basement, then an outlet installed on the outside. (Ranch house, with walk out basement) I don't plan to have the line run underground, or away from the house. The pool will be 5ft from the house, and I was going to put the pump, somewhat in between. Our code says it is ok for a pool to be that close to the house.

    Anyways, my brother, who does does odd jobs on the side, knows a couple guys who do electrical. One I know, was something like an apprentice for an electrician? But he is not licensed. For an easy install like I want, do I need to make sure he is bonded and licensed? If so, can I ask why it makes a difference? (I want it done right, just making sure it needs to be done by a licensed person) Thanks.
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    Re: Help with electrical

    The biggest question is does your jurisdiction 'require' any electrical work to be done by a licensed electrician? If so then the answer is simple. If not it gets a little more complicated. If this is considered a portable pool by your AHJ then running a receptacle yourself is ok as long as you know what you're doing and you use a gfci.
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    Re: Help with electrical

    It varies, but in many places it either needs to be the home owner or a licensed electrician. Other places are fine with anyone doing wiring.
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    Re: Help with electrical

    This is a pretty easy install. Whether you hire someone, get help or do it yourself it's good to know what can or needs to be done.

    You can install the wire and receptacle yourself and have an electrition install the breaker at the box.

    Q- What are you looking to wire- Just a Pump? A pump and a GFI outlet? What about lights? Is this an above ground pool?

    Anyway depending on the AMP's of your equipment needs - & the length of the run from the box you will need the right gauge wire. You
    either Romex or stranded wire in conduit (metal or plastic). If you are using 220V then you need different wire and set-up.

    I would guess you would be safe running 50 feet of 12 gauge Romex- for (1) 15-50 amp 110 Volt pump.

    Do you have access into the ceiling? If so this would be a good place or the wall framing to run the line.

    Anyway you would need the wire- some wire staples, a 15-40 amp GFCI breaker that fits your panel- GE or Murray?, and your GFI outlet. I would also use a GFI breaker, not a standard one- they are more $$ but are required for around pools. Also the home stores sell a pre-made spa shut off switch (box) with an outlet for outside spas. This may be a good option for your outdoor outlets- to also have a outdoor shut off switch.

    If you install the breaker they just snap in. Black wire goes to breaker, white to panel and ground to ground. The GFCI breaker has instructions inside the box that shows how to install.

    The electrician will charge for several hours @ $75+ an hour where you could cut their time to an hour, or just get your brothers friend to help if your not sure. Not that im opposed to paying a pro- I just like my work better. I'm slower but very detailed and put my money in better equipment and tools.

    Just make sure you shut off your MAIN BREAKER before you open or do any work on the panel.
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    Re: Help with electrical

    Running wire and installing an outlet is pretty easy diy work, as long as you know or study up on what you need to do (for example, how you fasten it down, the right gauge, the right type, etc.) But installing a breaker can be dangerous. How dangerous depends on whether you can shut the electricity to the panel off. If not, then you can get electrocuted if you do not know what you are doing. I suggest you do what I did when I needed to run some wire for a similar project. I found a licensed electrician who was willing to tell me what I needed to do to run the wire correctly, which I did and then he came out checked my work and hooked up the breaker in the panel. Since I had done the time consuming work it only took him about 30 min. I lived to tell about it and I am confident my house is not going to catch on fire. Best $75 I have spent.
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