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Thread: Pool jets and gate valves general questions

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    Pool jets and gate valves general questions

    Hello All,
    I know a picture is worth a thousand words. I'll get one up. Till then I'll explain my set up.

    My pool has what looks to be 7 jets total. I've got 4 working. At first I only had 2 working and that's only what the prior owner used.

    I have 4 gate valves by the pump.
    1 is for the skimmer
    1 is for the main/bottom drain (These 2 feed the suction side to the pump)
    1 feeds 2 jets on a bench seat see note 1
    1 gate valve unknown (missing handle haven't messed with it yet)

    Should I leave them both fully open or does it matter.

    The pool return water feeds 2 jets (no gate valve)

    NOTE 1: 2 jets on a in-water bench seat on the deep side (has a gate valve #3) Opened it blew some nasties into the pool but ok.
    The crazy thing is in the deck there's 1/2 pipe tube that comes up through the deck and if you block the jet water comes out the pipe. Its about 1 foot from the edge of the pool where the jet is. There is one of those pipes for each jet. The gate valve that was closed feeds (now open feeds those jets)

    There is a 4th gate valve may feed to more jets by the stairs no jets, not plugged, just threaded fixture.

    I think one of the jet fittings is for a booster pump hookup. I've got unaccounted for piping by the pool pump pad.

    Sorry so long winded.
    I guess my main questions are:
    1. For the suction gate valves. Skimmer and Main drain valves should they be fully open on the suction side? Or should I have one partially closed so it draws more from the other?
    2. Whats up with plumbing 1/2 inch pipes through the pool deck surface?
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    Re: Pool jets and gate valves general questions

    1. Most people just open everything fully, but you really should adjust the flows to acheive the best circulation.

    2. Those pipes sound like either air injectors or a safety device that relieves the pressure in case someone blocks the jets with their body.
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