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Thread: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

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    Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    Hi all, a few weeks ago I noticed my 1 year old pump is making an odd pulsating sound and seems to be getting louder as days go by.
    It is a 2 hp jandy pump. The water seems to be pumping fairly smoothly still and the pressure gauge pulses ever so slightly. The pump next to it is for the waterfall, and it is identical to it except it is 1.5 hp, and runs smoothly without the pulsing noise. I can post a vid if anyone wants to compare.

    Below is a youtube video of the pumping making the noise. Any tips or thought on what could be the issue?


    Thanks much.

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    Re: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    I can't see the video here but from your description, it sounds like it's starving for water. Is there any air in the pump basket?
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    Re: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    Bama, no air in the pump basket. I have 3 returns (2 skimmers, deep end drains, hot tub drain).
    My pressure is on track, its normally 14 psi when the filter is clean and thats where I am sitting now.

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    Re: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    I found this youtube of someone with a similar problem. I have hearing problems, but I "think" this sounds close to the same.

    Can someone listen to it and give me some feedback? His issue was bearings, does that sound right ?

    Thanks much for the help.

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    Re: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    Well warranty came and took a look at the pump, it was definitely bad bearings.
    Just wanted to update in case anyone else has pump noise like this in the future.
    Now apparently its smooth and quiet again.

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    Re: Pump making odd noise! (video attached)

    The warranty companies are famous for using the cheapest rebuilt pumps they can find. Expect your warranty company to replace your pump again in a year or less. I have had 5 pumps replaced in 7 years, all on warranty. I have a salt system and live in the desert so my pump runs year around...but still....5 pumps is 7 years???? Amazing.

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