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Thread: Easiest Pool Opening Ever?

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    Easiest Pool Opening Ever?

    This was my first season opening the pool. We moved into the house last Aug and had a little over a month to enjoy the pool before I had it professionally closed in October.

    I was ready to call the pros back in to open it but since I'm a hands on type of person I thought I'd give it a shot myself.

    Opening Day -2

    The pool is irregular shaped and has a snap in vinyl cover. We had quite a bit of snow and rain so the cover had approx 3' of water on it. I used the leaf rake to take off most of the leaves that had collected along with the dead rodent that was floating in there . I tossed in a sump pump and within a few hours all I had left was a few inches of water here and there on the cover.

    Opening Day -1

    I ran two garden hoses out to the pool and topped it up before I took the cover off. My rational was that I knew I'd be pulling the cover off solo, so why not get it a little closed to the top of the pool to make it easier to drag out. After 4 hours it was topped-up.

    Opening Day!


    Opening Day Redux!

    I threw the sump pump back in and collected the few inches of water that had collected due to the rain. Replaced all the drain plugs in the heater, pump and sand filter. Cover was dry and I snapped it off in about 20 mins and dragged it out. There was some debris in the pool, mostly leaves and dirt but the water was fairly clear. It's still cold 8c or 46deg so algae hasn't had a chance to form I guess. I removed the plugs from the pool and replaced the summer hardware and fired up the pump. No problems so I scrubbed, raked and vacuumed then backwashed. I tossed in 4 bags of salt before I took any measurements. I probably should have measured first but figured I'd likely need to add a few bags so I went conservative with 4 bags.

    I don 't have a proper test kit yet so I took visited the local pool store for a test.

    Here are the results - I was totally shocked at the numbers, as were the ladies that tested the water. The couldn't believe that I'd just opened the pool earlier today;

    FC- 3ppm
    TA - 90ppm
    pH - 7.2
    CH - 210
    CYA - 10ppm
    Salt - 3500ppm

    Outside of adding some stabilizer I'm pretty much ready to rock!!! Is it normal to have numbers so good on day 1?
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    Re: Easiest Pool Opening Ever?

    What is the CC?

    Yes you can have good #'s opening if you close right, do winter tests (& treatments if needed), probably some luck, etc.

    I opened this yr & didn't need to shock- very cool
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