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Thread: Pool test result help

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    Pool test result help

    Went to leslies to test my water since its green mess right now.
    To my suprise everything seems to be in range according to them except ph, so they inform me to add muriatic acid 1/4 gallon to lower ph.
    Can't understand than why is my pool green!!!


    WATER PH: 8.0
    TA: 90
    CYA: 50
    PHOSPATE: 200 (try to sell me $39.99 phosfree brand chemical i didn't bite it)

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    Re: Pool test result help

    Really need a little more information. Have you been shocking the pool? If not you need to shock the pool to kill the algae (see my signature line below for the link). The important thing to know about shocking is it is a process not an event. You will need to be cleaning the filter during the process as the filter will build up all the dead algae. I see you went to Leslies to get your water tested which implies that you do not have a test kit. Here at TFP we highly recommend you get one to take care of your pool. You will need one in order to do proper shocking since you will need to be testing for FC and CC during the process.
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    Re: Pool test result help

    Total available chlorine is a somewhat ambiguous name. There are three common chlorine readings, free chlorine or FC which is the active chlorine sanitizing the pool, combined chlorine or CC which is chlorine that has combined with debris and is in the process of breaking down, and total chlorine or TC which is FC + CC.

    Their TAC is probably TC, which could all be CC, and thus not available to sanitize the pool.
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    Re: Pool test result help

    Earnie, this where a good test kit such as the TF100 or Taylor K2006 will pay for itself over and over. How long ago did the pool go green? How do you chlorinate?

    Even if the "TAC" was all FC, it would still be somewhat low for your CYA level.
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