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Thread: Muddy waters

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    Muddy waters

    Happy Easter.

    I've been overseas for the past few months, upon returning I noted the pool cover had escaped into the wind allowing a massive amount of leaves to settle in the pool. I've gotten them out as best I can tell, I can't see, but my leaf net is coming up empty these days. I hesitate vacuuming without being able to see what I'm vacuuming. I'm concerned with the color, it is a funky brownish green, not green like most of the pics I see here, I assume it is mostly tannin, but I am concerned about it.

    I took my water to the pool store / chemical pimps and this is what they gave me:

    FC: 5.3
    CC: 0.1
    Ph: 7.2
    CH: 125
    TA: 95
    CYA: 0
    Copper: 0.16
    TDS: 200

    30000 gallon, vinyl pool, sand filter.

    So that doesn't look too bad, I socked in some CYA, brought my FC up to 12 and maintained throughout the day, backwashed a number of times, added some DE, curiously there wasn't massive drops in FC between my tests. Overnight I brought the FC up quite a bit, this morning it was 14 with a CC of I'd say 1.5. Yes, I have a good test kit. I've not seen any improvement in clarity or color whatsoever. The water remains a funky brownish green with no visibility to the shallow end. I'm having to base all of this on the pool store's CYA number of 0, I'm all out of the juice for the dot test. They did not test for iron, which I've battled with in the past with ascorbic acid (hence why I'm keeping a lower Ph), though with my history battling iron, it'd deposit on the liner and not turn the water completely brown.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    Re: Muddy waters

    How long have you been shocking? It sounds like what you need is more POP.

    That's pool owner patience. 1.5 CC says you still have a way to go with shocking. And if the store CYA reading is wrong, and you're adding more, you might just have CYA too high, which could make your shock level something more in the 20s!

    Without full, accurate test results, you're working blind. It is like trying to paint a picture in a black room. Sure, you'll get paint on the canvas, but it won't be art.

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    Re: Muddy waters

    Quote Originally Posted by poopsmith
    I hesitate vacuuming without being able to see what I'm vacuuming.

    Does your pool have any drains?

    I wouldn't be too worried about vacuuming up foreign bodies... they have to come out sooner or later, one way or another.

    You could go scuba diving & drag the bottom. Drag your leaf rake across the bottom. Or run your vacuum along the bottom.

    I'd go for the vacuum, then check & clean the pump basket and the filter.
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    Re: Muddy waters

    It is well worth vacuuming blind and fetting up as much as you can.
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