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Thread: Air Bubbles coming from returns

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    Air Bubbles coming from returns

    I have always worked under the assumption when dealing with pool plumbing issues that water leaks are pressure side and air leaks are suction side IE water leaks after the pump and air leaks are before the pump with a properly functioning active pump. Hoping this logic is correct due to the pump's roll in pool plumbing by pulling water from the pool, the only other thing then water could be air/dirt being brought in and after the pump due to pressure only filtered water would leak out.

    So I have large air bubbles coming from all three pool returns. I replaced the gasket on my pump filter basket and tested to be sure no air was entering the lid. I no longer have large air bubbles but I do still have a very small drizzle of air bubbles coming from the returns.

    A fellow pool owner suggested it might be my multi-port spider gasket on my filter. Would this not be pressure side IE a water leak since it is after the pump and under pressure not suction? If the spider gasket was leaking would it not be water that was leaking to waste, rinse, etc?

    Suggestions for tiny air bubbles in the returns?
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    Re: Air Bubbles coming from returns

    You are correct, the multiport is on the discharge side of the pump and any leakage will be outflowing (i.e. Water leaking out).

    As for your air bubbles, have you checked and resealed the pump strainer basket drain plug? that will cause a little air to be pulled in. Also, you could have a small suction side leak somewhere.
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    Re: Air Bubbles coming from returns

    There have been some cases reported where the spider gasket leaks but only when the pump is off and during this time air is siphoned into the filter. When the pump is turned on, the spider gasket reseals due to the pressure so water does not leak out. However, this is not a constant air stream but would only occur until the filter is purged of air. So if the air stops comming out of the return after some time, then it could be the spider gasket but it doesn't sound like that is the case here.

    Also, do you have solar?
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