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Thread: Sand filter backwashing procedures?

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    Sand filter backwashing procedures?

    Hello noob here again..

    I'm thinking that I need to backwash my sand filter. For how long should I run it in the backwash and rinse positions? I can see little things swirling in the sight glass..does it have to be 100% clear before switching to rinse or how exactly should I do this?

    My pressure is currently about 25 when in filter mode, and when I ran it in backwash mode it was about 10 if that means anything.

    I'm getting a lot of bubbles in the pump basket, and I've checked/lubed/reseated the o-ring several times. If I try to use the zodiac barracuda vacuum it makes bubbles like crazy even though I can see no leaking of air at the vac end, I've checked all the hoses, filled it with water first before starting. If I adjust the jandy valve I can reduce it some, but then the vacuuming is not very effective. Could this be a problem with the zodiac itself? It seems to be cycling/ker-chunking and shaking then it starts moving around and then the bubbles come.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Sand filter backwashing procedures?

    When backwashing, the water will usually start clear, then go cloudy, and then eventually turn clear again. Go another 20 or 30 seconds after it gets mostly clear and then stop. Then run on rinse for 30 seconds, then go back to filtering.

    Pressure readings are different on every pool, so we can't tell you if 25 psi is normal for you or not. Lower pressure on backwash is normal and doesn't mean anything.

    That sounds like an air leak in the underground pipe running to the Zodiac, though I am guessing a bit.
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    Re: Sand filter backwashing procedures?

    Quote Originally Posted by minmex
    I'm thinking that I need to backwash my sand filter.
    You backwash once the pressure gets to a certain level above what is "Normal Starting" pressure; probably about 9-10 psi above normal but others can be more specific; I think it is a certain pecent increase

    My pressure is currently about 25 when in filter mode, and when I ran it in backwash mode it was about 10 if that means anything.
    I assume you mean it was 10 in the filter mode AFTER you backwashed, right? If yes, that is your "Normal Starting" pressure so when it gets to 19 or 20 you backwash (unless the pros here say otherwise)
    If you meant the pressure was 10 WHILE you were backwashing- ignore that, the pressure DURING backwashing is irrelevant if there even is any pressure reading- I've never looked

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