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Thread: Pentair IC20 low salt

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    Pentair IC20 low salt

    We just installed an inground fiberglass pool last summer. It was installed in July and our salt water system started showing low salt around September. We checked salt levels and it was at 3400 ppm. All other levels were in operating range. We contacted the pb and he contacted the local Pentair technician. After waiting a month for the technician to show up he ended up putting a new unit on the pool and it also showed low salt. He had to order another unit and it was installed roughly a week later. This is now approximately October/November and the water was too cold for it to make salt. We are now getting the pool ready for the summer and it is still not making salt. This past week end we put a bag of salt in the water and the salt light turned from red to green the next morning, but by that same evening it was red again. We have contacted the pb again and he is going to have the technician come again. But I'm afraid with the beginning of pool season that we are going to have to wait for the technician and I'm tired of buying chlorine for our trouble free pool. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be wrong with my salt water system?

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Add salt

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Salt test can vary a lot so add more salt can not go wrong

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    1) Whats the water temp?
    2) how are you measuring the salt?
    3) do you have a Pentair automation box (i.e. Easytouch or intellitouch)
    If you do, what does the diagnostic say the salt level is?

    4) the unit doesnt make salt, it makes chlorine
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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    I don't want to add more salt just to put a band aid on a bigger problem. I could keep adding salt, but if too much salt is in the pool it will cause other problems - like rust or corrosion associated with salt on metal.

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Water temp is 78 degrees.
    Salt is measured by AquaChek test meters
    No, I do not have an automation box. We have a Fiberstar WPC-1
    I mistyped in my prior correspondence. I realize it makes chlorine and not salt.

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    See if you can get a hold of a Pentair IntelliWand, very simple to read off the details from your cell and you can immediately see the condition of the cell, temp, salt, hours of run, etc.

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Do you have a recent salt test result? The salt level will have gone down since last fall, especially if you winterized. It is very common to need to add a little salt in the spring. At the same time, you don't want to add too much salt, so it is nice to get a double check on the salt level to see if the SWG might be having problems.
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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Salt test is from today.

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    I will take a sample to the pool store and have it checked tomorrow. I will let you know what I find out. How is it possible that I get three units with the same problem? Is this a problem that is common?

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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Have you cleaned the unit? I recently had a very low salt reading, even though I knew it was in the 3000 range. The unit looked clean except for a small white spot between 2 of the blades. After cleaning it, it still had a very low reading. I adjusted the percentage higher, and now it reads OK at 3050. It took a couple of days after cleaning for the reading to get back to normal.
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    Re: Pentair IC20 low salt

    Same problem here with an IC40 (red low salt light on steady) and water temperature in the high 60's. I am at 3800 PPM according to my K-1766 Taylor Salt Test Kit. My builder loaned me a new IC40 and that fixed the problem. Pentair called and since I'm out in the sticks, instead of sending a repairman out, they are sending me a new salt sensor and I will install it in my SWG myself. They also told me that leaving it in the circuit all winter with water just above freezing damages the unit. I guess I'll buy the dummy pipe and take it out from now on.

    Edit: Gave it two acid baths - no help.
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