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Thread: Am I a miser, or what?

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    Am I a miser, or what?

    It was hot today, and it's very mild this evening. Perfect for a dip in the spa.

    So I cleared all the junk off the top of the heater, moved the valves to spa in, spa out, and was about to turn the heater on, when I had a brainstorm: Why am I heating all that water? As soon as we get in, a couple inches of hot water will get displaced and flow into the pool. So I moved the valves around and sucked the spa down about 4", and then put things back and started the heater. I also stuck an old yogurt tub lid over the air intake, as the bubbles tend to cool the water off.

    Does this make me a miser?
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    Re: Am I a miser, or what?

    Any Scots in your ancestral line?
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    Re: Am I a miser, or what?

    With a capital "M"!!

    However, you'll have to keep workin' on it to become a downright cheapskate like I am. My shop is strewn with old screws and bent nails that I have removed from lumber....not only re-using the lumber but the screws and, usually, the nails. Old habits die hard.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Am I a miser, or what?

    My mom would say that you're Thrifty! I'd say that you're smart. No use wasting money heating water that you're just going to throw out, as it were.
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    Re: Am I a miser, or what?

    Someone once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned" (I just wish I had more of his pictures in my wallet )
    Luv& Luk

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    Re: Am I a miser, or what?

    You would be a miser if you made the hot tub volume only one gallon more than your body. You get in, add one gallon of water and then only heat one gallon. That's cheap.
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