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Thread: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

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    Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    I currently have a 10 year old analog Pool Pilot Cubby SWG with an in-deck cell (cell is probably 3-4 years old). The cell is limping along on it's last leg, and I'm doing my research either replacing the cell or replacing the unit entirely. The lowest price I have found on the cell is about $500.

    My have 2 questions. First, is it worth it to replace this cell, or just get another unit completely since the Compupool and Circupool units seem to be in $500-$600 range for units that would work for me? I'm not opposed to other units, but I don't need anything fancy--just something to generate chlorine.

    Second, it seems most units are inline instead of in-deck now (makes sense to me). From what I understand, the Circupool/Compupool units have to be mounted horizontally. My plumbing (pic attached) wasn't designed with an in-line SWG in mind, so what would be the best way to install this? The pressure side outlet splits via a J-valve to the jet returns and a waterfall return, then goes down underground. Do I cut and create a square loop on the return jet side, or would it be better to dig up the horizontal pipes and create a u-shape for the SWG cell there?

    Thanks for the input.
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    Re: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    I have been using the Compupool.

    Starting on my third year.


    It has been working great for me.

    If you look at my pics you will see that I had a similar placement problem.
    I just made an outrigger and that did the trick.

    It's not a pretty install but I have improved the cosmetics since.

    SWG is one of the best investments I have ever made.
    My pool chemistry just lives in the right spot.
    My rocks are still here and doing just fine.

    "Whatever happened to the guy who drained his whole pool?"
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    Compupool 40k SWG from eBay - works great!
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    Re: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    Quote Originally Posted by Hal3

    SWG is one of the best investments I have ever made.
    My pool chemistry just lives in the right spot.
    My rocks are still here and doing just fine.

    You have soft rocks? I think I have flagstone on my spa waterfall and would really like to do SWG for it but am extremely worried...
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    Re: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    Thanks for the reply, Hal3. I'm leaning toward the Compupool. I haven't really found anything negative about their units so far, just lack of long term reliability. Since the whole unit is about the cost of a replacement cell for many manufacturers, it seems like a reasonable gamble.

    Looking at my plumbing issue, I was thinking that I may have a more simple, elegant soluntion. Working from the J-valve back toward the filter, I'll get a new Jandy valve, and mount it vertically instead of the horizontal one I currently have. Swap out a new T and reducer for the aerator to point in a slightly different direction, and mount the SWG in between.

    Anyone see any faults in this idea? Can you mount a Jandy valve vertically? Ok to place the SWG after the aerator and before the returns to the jets and water feature? Seems logical to me, but always like to have a second set of eyes before I open a can of worms...

    Thanks for any imput.

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    Re: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    Your plumbing plan is ok, but here's a thought.
    1. Cut the two pipes coming out of the ground the same distance from the 90's.
    2. Cut the pipe going to the Tee off flush with the Jandy valve.
    3. Turn the Jandy valve 180º so the inlet is toward the left in the picture.
    4. Glue a coupling over the branch where you cut the tee from.
    5. plumb from there down through the swcg and back to the filter outlet.

    In other words you'll come out of the filter, through the swcg, up to the valve level and back through the valve with it turned the opposite way it is now.

    Then all you'll have to do is plumb the 3/4" line back into the system at a convenient place.

    How does that sound?
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    Re: Questions on installing a replacement SWG

    Didn't think of that way, either. Another excellent option. Thanks!

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