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Thread: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

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    Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    Hello Everyone!

    I just recently bought all new equipment for my pool that came with the home I purchased about a year ago. I have a contracter resurfacing my fiberglass pool and he said that he would install all of the pool plumbing for me (my filter, pump, SWG, and solar heater). I don't have a picture of it but I made up a quick diagram of what it looks like.

    The thing that is bugging me is when the water comes out of the filter, there is a 3-Way valve that allows me to turn off the water going to the solar and go straight through the SWG and back into the pool. But When I would turn the 3-way valve to go into the solar heaters, I would think it would totally bypass the SWG?? When I asked the contractor this question he informed me that when the 3-way valve is turned to go out to the solar heaters, I will still have water going through my SWG. He said that it will open up all valves so the water will flow through everything. I want to belive him, but in my head it still doesnt make any sense. Can someone please give me their opinion before this drives me crazy HaHa

    [attachment=0:3bs2p3gm]Solar Diagram.jpg[/attachment:3bs2p3gm]

    [attachment=1:3bs2p3gm]Solar Diagram.pdf[/attachment:3bs2p3gm]
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    Re: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    That would depend on how much water is required for the solar.
    If the valve is left partially open then some water would go through it. Is this enough to operate it properly, ???
    I see you have a 1.0 hp pump, so I wouldnt think so.
    IMHO it should be after the solar return.
    Do you have a check valve on that system?

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    Re: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    I have my SWG after the solar return. Since you will wind up running your pump during the day for solar, you really don't want to have to run *again* to chlorinate. SWGs work best when they don't have to "catchup" to bather load. The 3-way should have a hole drilled in the valve body so that at least some water flows through to the SWG even when routed to solar, but it won't be that much. The hole allows the valve to be a little "leaky", I think to help prevent to much pressure build up in the panels and to faciliatate drain-back when the solar shuts off.

    You may have an issue with pipe run that prevents the SWG from being plumbed after the solar return, but if you have a choice, I would definitely have it changed.
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    Re: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    It's not plumbed correctly. The SWCG should be after the return from the solar. You also should have a one way check valve where the SWCG is now.
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    Re: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    I agree with bk406 110%!

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    Re: Question about Contractor Installation of Pool Equipment

    What brand of 3-way is it? Looking at mine in the box (Pentair), it allows for flow all ways. In your case you could totally bypass the SWG and go only through the solar, or bypass the solar and run water through the SWG only, or there is an option to push water both directions, to solar and SWG. If you valve does not allow this then bk406 is completely correct.
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