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Thread: Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

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    Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

    I am having trouble with my salt cell getting smaller dirt particles in it and showing check salt check cell. Salt may be a little low since lots of rain in Texas,but I have cleaned it out 3 times in last 2 weeks, but continues to say that after about 10 mins of running. I backwashed the filter and added new DE and cleaned my grids with a power washer less than 2 months ago. The returns to the pool do seem to be pushing smaller dirt particles back into the pool when I cup my hand over the jet. Could the grids be bad and just need replacing? Do you think it is for sure the filter and not a bad salt cell? Could the DE ammount be off? I added 7.5 cups like pool school said for 80% of 60 sqft pump. I just moved in so not sure about age of all equipment and what has been replaced. Main problem is I need my cell to generate chlorine!! I am having to add it manually to the pool thanks! THanks for any suggestions

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    Re: Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

    How old are the grids? Have you inspected them for small tears, etc?
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    Re: Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

    No clue how old. We just bought the house last year, so at least a year old I did look over them last time as I washed each one, but not in the last 2 months. Can you think of anything else it may be attributed to other than the grids?

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    Re: Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

    If you are getting debris in the SWG cell that isn't white and crusty, then there is a problem with the filter or the main valve. The most likely problem is a torn grid, but other things like a cracked grid manifold or a broken main valve can cause the same symptoms. You should open up the filter, clean it out throughly and very carefully examine the grids for tears and the manifold for cracks.
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    Re: Rookie needs help with dirt particles in filter

    Thanks guys will break it all down this weekend.

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