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Thread: Piping question? Going from Pilot dig 220 SC36 to Compupool

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    Piping question? Going from Pilot dig 220 SC36 to Compupool

    Hi Everyone,

    I just purchased to the compupool system for 24K gallons and have a question about the pipes running to the salt cell. I have attached some pictures to help illustrate. The new cell needs to be mounted horizontal to the floor so I have to put together some new piping to make it fit. My question is about the portion of darker pipe at the bottom that says FLOW on it, do I need that or was that something specific to the pilot system? Any help would be appreciated and please let me know if my question didn't make any sense.

    Thanks all!
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    Re: Piping question? Going from Pilot dig 220 SC36 to Compup

    The part that says flow is a spring check valve. It allows some water to bypass the cell so that the cell does not get too much flow.

    If your flow rate is higher than the maximum allowable flow rate of the cell, then you need to have the bypass. It is best to have the bypass assembly to allow water to bypass the cell if it becomes clogged due to debris or scale.
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    Re: Piping question? Going from Pilot dig 220 SC36 to Compup

    You either need to rig up some way to mount the new SWG on the upper loop of the manifold, or you need to remove the entire manifold. Mounting on the upper loop is a little tricky because you need to match the unions on both sides. You can reuse the left one and a bit of it's pipe, but the right hand one connects directly to the cell and you will have to match that somehow. Removing the entire manifold is also going to be a little tricky because it appears to be directly connected to a three way valve. I can't see the brand of valve you have. If it is a Jandy you can cut the pipe off right at the valve and then connect to the inside of the valve, but most of the other brands don't allow that. The simplest, but more expensive, approach is to cut things back further to somewhere you have clean pipe, before the three way valve. But that means replacing the three way valve.
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    Re: Piping question? Going from Pilot dig 220 SC36 to Compup

    there is nothing that heat gun cannot un-glue

    i'd just try and unglue the upper bit of the manifold from the unions and then glue new pipes in there

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