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Thread: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

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    Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    I am new to Inground pools and bought it with the house (forclosure) so couldnt ask questions and or get answers.
    I did read all the other Pool Cleaner recommendation threads but have some questions.

    Looking for recommendations on automatic pool cleaners.
    I am looking for some input for a good automatic pool cleaner for this size pool without spending too much for no reason. But then don't want to spend the money if it does not do its job correctly. Sound about right?

    I was hoping to find somthing that should take over my job on vacuuming the pool.
    I was hoping to get one that does the walls too. If not too much more money.
    I would like to get recommendations on a good pool cleaner that does the walls and also one that does not not do the walls. To see what the price difference is.

    20X40 Inground pool vinyl liner. 8 feet deep end 3/ 1/2' shallow end? Was told apx 35-40k gallons by a pool person that came out for a basic pool school lesson. Sound about right?
    1 HP Hayward pump.
    I don't know if it has a deticated cleaner line? how do I tell? (Is it a suction or a preasure line in the pool?)
    The pool school lady said it looks like it does but I was not there to ask more questions and my parents did not ask what, why, when, how etc?

    What would you buy and why?

    16' x 40' inground Vinyl liner pool. Has a depth APX of 3 1/2' to 8'. Pool also has a right angle APX 4'10' on shallow end. in Southern Alabama. It is not covered with sun on it most the day. SWG. Apx 31k Gallons, Sand filter with 1 HP Pump. Don't know the flow rate.

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    When you are by the equipment pad, how many motors/pumps do you see? If there is only one pump/motor, then the pool probably doesn't have a booster pump pressure side cleaner setup. If you have more then one pump/motor and no spa features IE jets etc, then you propbably does have a booster pump cleaner setup. If this is the case, look for a pool return that is in the center of a long wall and has no water pressure behind it IE its not a return line form the filter.

    Having said all that, I have had every type of pool cleaner they make (not every cleaner made, just every type). For me, and I have a large pool like yours, the two best have been pressure side with booster pump (Polaris 360/Viper type) or electric robotic automatic cleaners. I now prefer the Robotics. With a Robotic there is no booster pump to go bad, less maintenance, uses way less electricity, and very easy to use. The down side to Robotics is purchase price, but I think you save money faster because its uses less electricity and doesn't need a new booster pump every few years.

    I like the Dolphin Diagnostic, Aquabot, and Polaris 9300 Sport robotic cleaners. They are upper end cleaners. but again, I think you get what you pay for. Buy a $600 Robotic, get a $600 type of cleaning. Buy a $1100 cleaner, get better results and a longer warranty.

    Take the Robotic off its caddy, put it in the pool, connect the cable to the transformer, plug in the transformmer, select program, come back in 2 to 3 hours and remove cleaner. The better Robotics also filter thousands of gallons of pool water every hour they run.

    Note: No pool cleaner is designed to be used to open a pool that is full of gunk, leaves, sticks, etc. This is what pool vacuums are for. Automatic cleaners are for cleaning a pool that is in proper balance, minimum to no algae, and generally with good clarity. IOW, they are for keeping clean pools clean.
    Pool #1 IG 24k Diamond Brite plaster with spill-over spa. Jandy Aqua Link RS One Touch with built into pool floor cleaner. Jacuzzi Magnum pump/basket feeding Hayward top mount Zeosand filter. Jacuzzi Magnum pump/basket for Spa Jets. Heat Siphon pool heat pump. Dolphin Robotic pool cleaner.

    Pool #2 IG 35K 20X40 Vinyl. Hayward top mount Zeosand filter with Pentair 3 HP IntelliFlo VS+SVRS. Chemical Free pool using Water Doctor Copper Ion Generator, PoolSkim, Polaris 9300 Sport robotic pool cleaner, Heat Siphon pool heat pump, solar blanket, Ameri-Dome 50X30 dome enclosure during Winter.

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    The Blue Diamond is a very well reviewed robotic cleaner.
    19K gal, vinyl, 1/2 HP WhisperFlo pump, 200 sqft cartridge filter, AutoPilot Digital SWG, Dolphin Dynamic cleaning robot
    Creator of PoolMath and Pool Calculator. Other handy links: Support this site, TF Test Kits, Pool School

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    If you have a dedicated suction line, I recommend the Poolvergnuegen "the poolcleaner" 4-wheel suction type. I bought one several months ago for the exact reason you listed and I have not put the manual vacuum in the pool since. Even after that terrible storm we had in SW Georgia last week I stuck it in and it clean the whole pool. I had a robot given to me and it did a wonderful job but it looked like the previous owners dog chewed on the plastic wheel flanges that the tracks rode on and was worried that when it got stuck in a corner that this abrasiveness might damage my liner. The service light also kept coming on so I decided to buy the poolcleaner. They also have a pressure side cleaner but I can not vouch for it.
    35K IG Vinyl 20 x 40 self built pool, Hayward Pro Series High-Rate Sand Filter 31" 98gal/min, Hayward TriStar 1.85hp, Hayward 400btu heater, BBB method w/Hypo, Jazz light w/matching fiber optic rope lighting around coping w/syncronized color wheels. Concrete Paver deck.

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    I'd suggest a Poolvergnuegen suction or pressure side model. I have no experience with robots but don't like the sound of the price (high), batteries (they will die) and the hassle (who needs it).

    Personally I bought the 4-wheel pressure-side model to deal with the big debris (lots of trees). It does not need a booster pump and keeps my big pool clean with 2hr run times. You could stick with the 2wheel suction-side model if you don't get big debris in the pool. The suction side model is a bit cheaper, no bag to empty, and gets the small stuff better.

    Pool Services Technologies are on this board and a stand-up company, good guys.

    33k Gunite, CompuPool CPSC48 SWG, Sta-Rite System 3 DE, 2.25hp dual-speed, POOLVERGNUEGEN Pressure-side

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    in addition to the recommendations already posted, check out eBay prices for any type of robot or cleaner, also pool supply unlimited where I've purchased both 2x and 4x models of the pool cleaner (Poolvergnuegen)

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    I have had a Blue Diamond for a couple weeks and it works very well. Previously I had a Polaris 380 and 280. It does the steps, walls and water line tile very nicely in an hour.
    13,500 gal IG 3'-5', BBB (less Borates), Hayward DE filter, 400k BTU Hayward heater, 2HP A.O. Smith pump, 2 skimmers, Sunstone Pearl "Aqua Blue" surface, Colorsplash 3G light, Blue Diamond cleaner, A.O. Smith 6' slide, K-2006 test kit

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    Re: Yep another Pool Cleaner recommendation thread

    Quote Originally Posted by JasonLion
    The Blue Diamond is a very well reviewed robotic cleaner.
    I'm sure it is, I can tell you that I had one, the remote model. broke in 4 months, then about every 4 months until the warranty expired, the 2 times I really need it, it was in the shop. So 1500 down the drain. had a dolphin before that, never broke, but with my rectangular pool and dolphins inability to shift on the bottom, it many times would just go back and forth and back and forth the width of the pool especially if the bag was slightly dirty. Read reviews on the dolphin and everyone says the motors keep going.

    Got another robotic after the bluediamond, the manufacturer helped me out and god bless them they are great, but it also broke many times. And they confirmed I was doing absolutely nothing wrong.

    So honest oppinion, save yourself the headache and get a pressure cleaner or suction cleaner. I know one of those will be my next choice and it looks like mx8 or thepoolcleaner type.
    8000 gal diamond brite pool with 650 gal spillover spa, Pentair 3hp VS pump. Jandy Cartridge filter and Jandy Heat Pump. Jandy PDA automation system with 2 Pentair Laminars. SmartPool NC74S Robotic Pool Cleaner.

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