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Thread: pump stopped pumping

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    pump stopped pumping

    help turned on pump it was pumping good pool was almost empty thought i would check the plastic basket in pump went to turn it back on it come on but it would not pump water out
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    Does the pump hum or make any other noise? What kind of pump is it?
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    its working its like it lost its prime
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    If you are using the pump to drain the pool and the pool is almost drained, then it will be difficult for the pump to regain prime once it is lost because of how high the pump has to pull the water up. How far below the pump is the water level?

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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    ur right the water level is at least 4 foot below the pump so i guess i will have to dip it out since pump wont pick it up
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    The pump should be able to pull a prime from 4 feet down; it will just take a few minutes. Don't give it too long or it could overheat.

    Why are you draining the pool?

    How much water is left to drain?

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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    the pool hasnt been used in years and just bought the house wanted to start off fresh. still have about 4 foot left to drain out
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    If you've pumped that much, the mods here might be able to help you with a refill from here. Have you tested the water, specifically with a good test kit? Doesn't hurt to start partially fresh just because CYA was probably sky high. What is the pool surface?
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    You have to be careful about draining a pool. A fiberglass or concrete pool can float and a liner can lose its set. You shouldn't do a full drain unless you're really sure that you know what to do.

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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    I just drained my plaster or concrete pool a few days ago. I didn't have any issues. However, I'm in Vegas so the water table really isn't a factor. I rented a submersible pump from home depot for about $30, ran the hose around to front of the house to the sewer clean out, dropped it in the pool, and just let it run. It emptied our 6300 gal pool in about 2 hours.
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    Do you know how old the pump is?
    Where are you located?
    Are you only pulling water from the main drain?
    Is the skimmer valve shut tight?

    Sorry for all the questions but that'll help us guess at possible causes.
    You're best bet might be the sump pump mentioned above.
    Also mentioned above is a good test kit and you'll want one of those. Now would be a good time to order it.
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    Re: pump stopped pumping

    Many pumps have trouble priming from four+ feet down. I doubt that you will be able to prime it without filling the pool back up.
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