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    I opened the pool last year on may 14 2010 due to massive oaks overhanging the pool on one end. The flowers from the oaks (and nearby maples also) fall to the point of clogging the skimmer and causing a loss of prime. This year warm temps have arrived early and algae has already started to grow in pool. I have a thin layer on the bottom but water is clear and I can see the bottom at approx 4 foot. I didnt uncover the deep end to check it. This will be my first opening without pool person.. I plan to open on good friday to have 3 good days to monitor.
    Critique my opening plan please----
    1. Connect all piping (pump,,filter plug,,return eyes,,remove skimmer gizmo)
    connect liquidator. Add water if needed.
    2. Start water circulating without going to filter for an hour or so then take first reading (using TFP 100)
    3. Vaccuum to waste.
    4.Ended last year with a ph of 7.8. I will add muratic acid to adjust to 7.2 first then add amount of chlorine (12.5%) according to chlorine/cya chart. CYA was 60 at end of last year. I have drained approx foot of water over the Winter. I'm hoping for 40-50 on CYA this year. CYA started out at 70-80 last year, thank you tablets!! Monitor hourly with kit at the start.
    5. Brush,,,Brush,,,Brush....
    6. Backwash filter as needed.
    Please let me know if I'm missing any important steps.
    I will have no one to monitor the pump this year and am concerned with debris from the trees causing a loss of prime and burning up the pump. Would it be satisfactory to run the pump during the evening hours only while I am at home ( 4PM to 630A.M.). Cleaning what I can with the net each evening before starting pump???

    Any advise and suggestions greatly appreciated.. My pool guy does the opening for 100 dollars (I did the BBB myself last year pool person only hooked up pipes,etc and got it running)but I want to learn to do it all.
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    If you can open sooner I would. In two weeks that algae will be pretty bad! Otherwise your plan is good. I have a similar issue with falling debris in the pool, so I during the week my pump is on mainly in the evenings. I bought a Pool skim which really helps cut down the amount of debris in the skimmer. I still prefer to run the pump when I am home even with the pool skim. There have been times when I have checked the pool and the skimmer and the pool skim are packed!
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    One possibility is to raise the water level and get the pump running, while leaving the cover on. That will make killing the algae much easier and catch any debris from the tree. Keeping the cover on does make everything a little more difficult and you won't be able to get everything completely under control, but you will be able to kill off the algae and have a huge head start on getting everything balanced when the cover does come off.
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    Many thanks!! I will try to start next weekend. I dont have time during the week and work load is heavy right now.
    The pool skim looks good, does it work well in the shallow end? This is where most of my debris falls into the pool?? THANKS AGAIN
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    2 quick ideas:

    1) rig up something like is described here

    2) keep the water higher than the top of the skimmer and deal with scooping or vacuuming when you get home at 4:00
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