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Thread: How did you get your TFP Moniker

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    How did you get your TFP Moniker

    I am curious as to how some posters created/got/came across their user name for the TFP site. Some of the names are down right creative!

    As for me, I had a moment of sheer uncreativeness and used my real name. Duh. Not very much fun there.

    Around other places I use the name dorpo75.....I can tell you that in high school, we loved to watch the Marx Bros. and as there were Harpo, Chico, Zeppo, Gummo, and friend and I became Slimmo and Dorpo.

    Anyone else?
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    For reasons of personal security............YOU SHOULD NEVER EVER USE YOUR REAL NAME ON AN INTERNET BOARD!

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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    Well the First board I visited was trekbbs which was the place to go to learn about Trek news (Back in the days when they had Voyager and DS9 live on TV. so Ever since then I used the same Name for all the boards i register on... typically the RSE is the 1st one to get killed because he is a newbie and on most of these sites I am seeking info because I am a newbie to the board's topic.... hence it works well for me wherever I go!
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    My handle comes from my home state - "Louisiana, a Sportsman's Paradise." I love all things outdoors and one day look forward to returning home to retire and catching big ole bull reds.
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    Comes from my attachment to Molokai. Laulea carries the meanings of friendship and reconciliation. Here and There speaks to the time when I had not yet moved to the islands permanently. I have used it on other forums.
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    I used to be a Tenor Drummer in a Pipe and Drum (Bagpipe) band. Flourishing Tenor to be exact, we not only play rhythm but we twirl (flourish) the sticks (mallets) using intricate (or not) movements. Some bands drums are several different sizes and are tuned to compliment each other.
    The first time I needed a login Tdrum for "tenor drummer" popped into my head and I added the "1" because most login ID's called for it. I thought it would be unique and easy to remember hence Tdrum1 was born!
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    It's just what I do and where I do it. Now it's who I do for too!

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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    Here's an old thread:
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    repost from that old thread:

    "In the late 1990's I was posting on a forum that had some problems with identity theft so they decided to make everyone chose a name and made it so no one could use it fradulently -- probably the norm nowadays with boards with registrations required. There had been some harsh words there and no one wanted to reveal too much about locations or age or gender or much of anything. Guess it only takes a few realy mean people to get a board in bad shape and back then they could sign in again and post and sign someone elses name to it.

    So, anyhow, as everyone started chosing there was Anonamous, Anon, Anon1, Anon2, AnonMan, AnonMom, etc. So Original

    I thought that Anonapersona was a clever twist on the Anon-type names that were being used. It sort of rhymed, and it was clearly a "persona" I used on that board so as to not reveal my name or gender or anything else until I chose to. I also considered trying On-Anon but figured that folks might see me as long-winded. "

    I suspect that was in about '97 that I took that name. So, I've had this name online for a very, very long time.
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    Re: How did you get your TFP Moniker

    "Speaking out for Christ"

    I am strong in my faith and have used this name for quite a few years on XBOX Live, other forums, etc!
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